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 Allawi acknowledges: Atrahmon Iraqis on Saddam because of our performance and the country descended into the abyss

BAGHDAD / Hassan Shammari:
Approved the Chairman of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, that the mistakes made by politicians after the overthrow of the former regime have made Iraqis "Atrahmon" on Saddam Hussein, warning that Iraq's slide towards "the abyss", as he emphasized that he would work to "oppose" the political process currently existing in Iraq.
Allawi said in an interview with "Middle East" and seen by "Sky Press," that "the Iraqis were Atrahmon the former regime because of government performance that burned Iraqi fire of sectarian quotas," noting that "happen is that the political process has reached a dead end .. and this process produced governments ended the Iraqi political and security situation, economically and institutionally, and if we look at the institutions that are the State is the result Fsnraha it is based on quotas, sectarian, religious, ethnic and sectarian. "
He added that "so far the political process failed to achieve what is in the Constitution, a Federal Service Council, which is supposed to not looking any candidate for a site is his religion and his community and nationality, color, and affiliation clan, but this board looks at the experience and certifications and competencies of people and in the light of this puts the right person in the right place, but this did not apply with it it is installed in the Constitution and became us more than ten years we insist on the formation of this council have not been applied. "
In response to a question about Iraq's failure to join the Islamic-led coalition Riyadh to help fight al Daash, Allawi pointed out that "Iraq does not have a clear and consistent policy, nor has a clear and coherent foreign policy, we do not know where to spend the country and there are many examples, the first is the existence of two coalitions declared them in Iraq. "
"The recent alliance announced by Saudi Arabia and its leadership to him I call the alliance of moderates, or alliance forces of moderation, and I time I call for such an alliance, and locked him since, and when I was prime minister called for the Alliance of the forces of moderation and that includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and all the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Pakistan, and Iraq and is looking to clarify the subject of joining the alliance and to request from Saudi Arabia to be a part of it, such things should not be neglected, and left it creates a negative climate ".