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Coffee w/TerryK & mac 1/20/2016 10:03am est  (TK on work assignment)
arizona49:  Goooood morning mac  (coffee)
yabba dabba:  mac good morning
jannilew:  Hey mac!
mac:  Good morning room. Everyone ready for what comes next?
mac:  Good morning Janni! Good to see you.
jannilew:  Good to see you. I think I/we're ready for what's next. Just waiting for it (?)
mac:  AZ thank you again for keeping my eyes open, even if it is digital coffee.
mac:  Well Janni, we have made it this far and now the hardest part begins, waiting.
jannilew:  (smacks self in head) awww no, not that! not more waiting!! 
mac:  It is interesting that all the predictions that were made up till now. Lets look at those.
mac:  All the gurus in dinarland said it couldnt float, that float was bad.
firecarl:  watching squawk on the street and their talk about the market
mac:  Looks like it will float.
mac:  "They" said they couldnt RI without certain laws in place
mac:  firecarl you understand why this has to happen right?
firecarl:  mac - I 'm on the fence for the GCr and such , but I do believe we need to adjust
mac:  firecarl, we were discussing the word "reset" think about what a reset is and what it would take to reset a global market...... I mean as I said yesterday, what happens when you reset your phone or your computer? What happens to the current information. This is no different.
firecarl:  i hear mac , but .... life is a fickle finger sometimes ... again ,been there done that
mac:  We talk about this lightly but it is something we all should comprehend and anticipate.
firecarl:  sitting quietly on the fence watching the parade go  and waiting for my band playing my song
Godskid:  Years ago TK told us that the market, dollar, and gold would go down just prior to the release and it would float. Now we see this!
mac:  Right Godskid
mac:  I understand youre weary firecarl, we all are.
Godskid:  My question for today is about baskets. Will there still be baskets and how many will there be. Can the same currencies be in more than one basket?
mac:  Well, Iraq went to meet with 8 major US banks in NYC. Abadi, Kerry and 40 other represented nations will meet in Davos, Switzerland today and tomorrow.
mac:  Lets get to Godskids' question about baskets.
jannilew:  yes, and the meeting with banks, too
Godskid:  Davos meeting ...  World Economic Forum Annual Meeting  20-23 January 2016 Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
mac:  Iraq has put into print that they will not be using the USD peg, instead they will join a basket of 204 currencies to adjust the value of their currency. It was in print yesterday.
mac:  Sound like a global market????
Godskid:  Mac and the words linking of the Iraq dinar to the global economy confirms the float, right
mac:  Japan will join the AIIB leaving us to ourselves.
mac:  Yes.
yabba dabba:  amen we are on the ride
mac:  But like I tried to explain to Mrs. mac last night, if you hold a helium balloon and release it how long will it take to double the distance away from you as it accends, triple the distance? THat is the dinar when it is compared and supported by asset backed currencies, conversely the dinar elevates the rest of the currencies in the basket as well.
mac:  Cant do that with a currency that is backed by, well essentially nothing. That would be the USD.
wushock92:  Excellent analogy, Mac. I agree.
Godskid:  Mac, how will the dinar elevate the rest of the currencies?
mac:  This is a classic case of ALL the kids on the playground ganging up on the Bully. The bully being the USD and the US Govt.
mac:  By setting the standard of what the true values are. We along with allied countries have suppressed emerging markets and raped them of their resources.
wushock92:  Pretty much.
mac:  Keeping them artificially supressed and reaping the benefits of that country.
arizona49:  yep
mac:  Godskid, did I answer your question?
yabba dabba:  us has dinar and plenty of assets
Godskid:  Yes. My preacher years ago told us that God showed him that there is significant wealth in the ground in the US. More than enough to take care of the country. God maybe hiding this until we all can share in the wealth rather than just a few.
Godskid:  Thanks Mac good illustration for my understanding
jannilew:  so we ARE still in a good place. right?
mac:  Janni, rather than affirm, I want you to consider all that TK and I have given you and come to your own conclusion. I know where we are, YOU have to know where we are.
jannilew:  oh yes,                         
Godskid:  Mac, can you address the baskets and whether or not the same currency can be in more than one basket" I just can't remember this being discussed in the past.
mac:  Doubt is a reasonable response in such a multi faceted issue as this. But I would not be doing a service to this room by assuring everyone they are OK after we have proven thru factual information that we are indeed OK. Sorry to be so direct, but the wheels are now definately in motion and people want guarantees on what we have provided already. This is where for lack of a better cliche, the horse must drink. I say this with all the love God has put in my heart. I hope you understand as well as the rest who wont comprehend what is truly transpiring.
mac:  Godskid, only as i understand it one currency can only be in one basket. It would not make sense to have the currency in two baskets since these currencies will be support for that specific currencies value
Godskid:  Exactly what I am thinking.
mac:  I was pondering yesterday how TK had an emergency chat on Monday and 24 hrs later all of dinarland lit up with the same info/conclusions. I say this not to gloat or brag but to point out that all the trend changed on a dime. We just put it together sooner tho we didnt realize till then the true implications of releasing Iran from sanctions
mac:  Also BTW, US airstrikes destroyed another ISIS location holding dinar. THAT should make the note count go down significantly.
Godskid:  Okay, so I need to think about this more because it does make sense to me especially if there is a float.
mac:  Godskid, what makes sense? One currency in multiple baskets?
Godskid:  Yes
mac:  Please explain.
Godskid: At different times, so dinar in first basket and maybe the second a few days later.
mac:  Think about this, how are the baskets divided?
Godskid:  I thought according to assets but with the float these could be pegged differently at different times
Godskid:  I thought according to assets but with the float these could be pegged differently at different times
Godskid:  I just don't know enough about the whole basket concept for these currencies.
majicsmoke:  good morning all
mjs  Gooooood morning
sonnyday: Hi AZ....nice to see you service so many people ...such a labor of love! Hope ur taking tlc!
arizona49:  thank you .... you are too kind
mac:  ok, fair enough and I am in no way an expert on the subject. But from what I have learned is that the first basket would be established currencies capable of having enough value to be in that basket. The second basket, if there is in fact a second basket, would be emerging smaller economies that cant offer as much support because they are still developing. It is the inverse of what the Euro is doing now. Greece cant support itself let alone shoulder their portion of the European debt. Thus they are collapsing under the weight of their part of their obligation. Baskets allow them to be put in context of what they have and what they can support. In other words the EURO is one size fits all. BASKETS are Large/medium/small. Does that clarify my understanding?
sonnyday:  and to Mac and of course TK for great understanding of this!! sorry to interrupt
mac:  np sonny
sonnyday:  learning re: baskets and recooping from know I luved TK/Mac discussion re: gold backed the other night!!
arizona49:  Is a great conversation, for sure
mac:  Sonny you are very kind. Thank you.
Godskid:  Thanks Mac it adds to my thinking. There is just so little information that explains the method of the baskets other than what seems to be surface information. I so appreciate your response.
sonnyday:  yw...lil shakey on buying currencies post RV...but going to breathe...
mac:  Godskid, think about this and come to your own conclusion. Asset backed countries will level the playing field by placing a tangible value to each country. Yet, all countries do not have the same value. How do you reconcile that disparity? COuld it be possible to place these countries into context of what they have and group them accordingly?
mac:  It does not negate the value of that country, rather it places them in an environment to further develop and grow which is what every countries economy strives for
arizona49:  jsartin113 Great to see you
jsartin113:  yes, ty. didn't want to stop "flow" of conversation.
arizona49:  It's all good
Godskid:  Mac, I think this is what I said about how the baskets were put together, however, what happens when the value of an asset changes? Thanks for this discussion, I am going to do some serious research this week I hope, but then again I am not sure I can do serious research without a great library. I think I will pray for understanding to the greatest teacher we have.
jsartin113:  Mac - blessing to your and your family. TY for your very important "time & knowledge" you share as the Spirit of the Father leads you...
jsartin113:  That includes this WHOLE site that has been here for years for us.
mac:  Godskid, js. Thank you for that. I leave my heart before the Fatherwith the faith that I will speak words of life and His love for all of us.
wushock92:  Mac is awesome, isn't he? He is so humble that he won't toot his own horn, but my tuba-player lungs have more than enough air to sound his trumpet for him.
jsartin113:  What I respect is.... he walks the walk and talks the talk... he is as we are "becoming".
wushock92:  Amen. A true role model for how I want to live my life. Though I feel like I have a good relationship with God, mac shows me how much better my relationship could be. And for that, I am truly thankful.
Godskid:   Good bye all, have to get ready for Mom's appt May God Bless this family with a wonderful day today. Thanks again Mac.
jsartin113:  We must continue to "be transformed by the renewing of the mind" as the Spirit of the Most High God leads us - Moment by moment.
mac:  Godskid, the assets do not increase in leaps. Assets like interest in a savings account increase incrementally. So thus a countries value cannot "jump up" in value. It is the basis. That is why the move to asset backed. Fiat currency can be whatever the country says it is whether it is supportable or not. This eliminates manipulation of the value.
wushock92:  Peace be with you, Godskid!
arizona49:  Godskid Thank you for being here this morning, you brought good ?'s to the discussion....God Bless you and yours
mac:  Godskid, great and intelligent and respectful discussion brother.
mac:  Folks, thank you for your kind and generous accolades. Yet, it is only my desire to point unequivocally to the Most High God who demands and deserves ALL the glory and praise in all we say and do. I am just a "work in progress" just like you. Conforming daily into the image of He who made us.
mac:  Nothing more.......nothing less.
jsartin113:  So, Mac, this oil price drop in value, is an example of what will happen to all items in our nation - groceries, tools, clothes, being reset to lower prices because the dollar has been devalued (due to inflation/deflation & printing press activity)... ASSET back will have value.... and not fiat.??
sonnyday:  tu tu tu tu tu tu.... Mac and to Godskid if you come back
mac:  js the drop in oil prices and the artificial suppression of the Yuan is to CRUSH the US fiat dollar. It will not be able to recover or resurrect. The US does not want to go to asset backed. The issue is being forced by other nations who are tired of asking the US if it is ok to to do business with other countries. This will be a violent effect on us here in the US. Suffice it to say that the ego of the US will be the only thing they (the US gov't, FED, IRS, US PETRODOLLAR) will have to defend themselves. It will fail and soon. Very soon   
jsartin113:  What I'm trying to understand about "resetting" of any currency.. when they say "devalue 20% - 30% - etc" HOW it is done in the market place... with prices....... HOW it shows itself..
ex.. milk, drops from $5.00/gal to $1.00/gal.. right??
mac:  China sold off, or redeemed 470 billion US bonds in the first 2 weeks of this year. They are the largest holder of US Treasuries in the world. We were counting on the interest coming back. Now that is longer a revenue stream and we had to payout on those treasury bonds thus depleating our reserves.
wushock92:  The arrogance of the US government has been a problem for decades, if not longer. Pearl Harbor might not have happened had some in our military been more realistic and did less chest-thumping.
mac:  ok, js, I see what you are asking.                   
mac:  We only need to hold in physical currency, 10% of what is out there in whatever form (Physical currency, digital curency, bonds, treasuries etc.). But when all those financial obligations start redeeming what is the US going to do? They dont have the physical currency to meet those obligations. Furthermore, we have wholly depended on the petrodollar and our manipulation of it to perpetuate the charade that the US is "good for it" by printing promises called the dollar. If the largest holder of US treasury note and bonds demands to be paid and the petrodollars value decends to a level that cant be manipulated the value of the fiat falls.
mac:  So what we have is what we cant concieve with other countries (Iraq, Vietnam, Zimbabwe etc) happening here. Where a can of coke costs 1160 IRD which is equal to 1USD. This depreciation of the fiat dollar makes it possible that in a worst case scenario 1IQD could equal 1160USD. We as americans have been so deceived that we cant consider us being on the other side of the equation because our gov't has prepetuated this lie for so long (1973) we dont think it is possible. Yet it is happening right in front of us. We small investors (approx 3 million or so) are fortunate enough to see the writing on the wall.
mac:  So feasible a can of coke could cost $3 or more when the value of the fiat dollar falls.
jsartin113:  True Mac.. Thank you..
wushock92:  Another reason I may hang on to most of my dinar/dong/Zim as the USD could be worthless or worse; confiscated
mac:  WU very good strategy.
jannilew:  mac, any thoughts about how long the dollar will freefall? Is there a bottom?
wushock92:  Can it be possible for the USD to go negative?
bigsammie:  jannilew - I was thinking the same thing
bigsammie:  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel
mac:  js to show you how ingrained in our minds this deception is, I posed this to Mrs mac, my beautiful bride of 24, going on 25 years, has been around me during this whole ride going on 9 years now. Listened to me lay out what was coming and responded and I quote "That could never happen" She has no background nor experience in the markets nor financial arena (other than robbing peter to pay paul) and until I spelled it out for her could not conceive a collapse of the fiat dollar and all the effects it will have on daily life. This is a woman who has been by my side thru this whole ride. How unsuspecting are those that care more about the bachelor or Kardashians or whatever else they use to anestitize the struggle of making a living! They will end up blindsided and desimated once the fiat dollar is eliminated.
bigsammie:  mac - one can only rob peter to pay paul before it all catches up to you
jannilew:  bleak outlook: confused:
mac:  As far as how long it will take is to be determined. As I keep pounding the same drum..........COMPREHEND DONT PREDICT!!! Your situations will all be different. Prepare as you see neccessary. What if the internet was taken down? Do you have enough wherewithall to survive on your own if the luxury of this chatroom was removed??
bigsammie:  the arrogance of the powers that be
mac:  Janni, I find that hard to believe with you being in an industry that rises and falls on the value and market.
mac:  bigsammie, your comment about peter and paul is truer than you know for me personally, but God is faithful
bigsammie:  mac - sorry wasn't referring to you about robbing peter etc. I have been there too.
mac:  biggie but God IS faithful
jannilew:  true, and just a couple years back it was really bleak. I'm not yet out of the hole that all that caused. That's why it sounds so bleak
mac:  Janni, So translate what we are discussing here to what you know. That is why I speak in analogies. It helps me comprehend. FOr you, what do you do when values fall in your industry? How do you brace yourself for what you see coming?
mac:  It is no different.
jannilew:  mac, you give me too much credit. I just brace myself, grit my teeth and hold on. But I really don't know how I'd prepare (for house values to be falling)
mac:  Ok all this was a marathon session. I must go and prepare for an appointment. You are all in my heart cause God put you there. You are lifted up everyday in prayer. Please, if you are not feeling confident and secure take it to Him in prayer. He is the only one who want and knows what is best for all of us.
jannilew:  Thank you mac!
arizona49:  mac Great discussion today.....thank you for spending this time with us... God Bless you and your family
arizona49:  Would like to thank all of you who jumped over with the awesome questions and comments; made for a very interesting discussion
mac:  Janni, dear heart, ignorance is no defense. Seek and you shall find. If you are not seeking you are not finding. God put you in the right place. You have the greatest encyclopedia in history at your fingertips. Fretting is not getting you the results you want so use another strategy. I wouldnt speak to you in this manner if I didnt believe you were mature enough to receive it. I tell you this in love because we all have been there.
mac:  And this goes for all those that are looking for the easy road too. We all have put forth some amount of effort to arrive here, today. There are no shortcuts in Gods journey, just moments of rest and renewal, so we may continue on.
wushock92:  Some of us are still there.
mac:  WU we all are no one arrives until we are dead.
wushock92:  Good point
mac:  Our only obligation is to run the race set before us, to fight the good fight. We only know after we stand before Him who judges all righteously
mac:  Ponder all of this in prayer, I thank God for the honor and priviledge to love you all and the blessing it is to be loved in return.
wushock92:  Peace be with you, mac. Luv ya, brother!

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