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Morning Coffee with Terry K and Mac 10:02am EST 01/19/16
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(*) Morning Coffee with Terry K and Mac 10:02am EST 01/19/16
mac:  Good morning room. WOW two big nights in a week.
arizona49: You ain't kidding....last night was awesome
arizona49: Had my wheels turning most of the night  LOL
mac: Janni, the answer to your questions lies in the forum under Iraq articles. No, I will not retrieve it for you....  LOL
jannilew: no problem
mac: Contribution is my part, comprehension is yours
mac: Love you Janni.
mac: Ok Pres of JP Morgan on CBS This Morning. Interesting.
mac: Sorry CEO of JPM on.
What was the CEO of JPM talking about?
mac: Ok, wanted to let you know what America is missing out on regarding Iran.
mac: Janni, it’s a PR move. Dismissed the bailout based on the mistake of buying Bear Stearns
mac: Iran 80 million population. 400 billion annual economy.
mac: Buying 114 civil aircraft from airbus who does not sell any General aviation aircraft. The smallest aircraft they make is 18-20 passenger private jet.
MikeH: Mac just found a couple of articles on the tariffs
mac: Saudi Arabia based Alpha Star Aviation will broker the deal.
MikeH: here they are
arizona49: ummmmmm mac
mac: Hit me MikeH
mac: Those start today.
MikeH:  Start by applying tariffs on goods entering Iraq Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -19 January: The General Customs Authority, on Tuesday, to start applying the tariff law on goods entering Iraq, including the Kurdistan region. Said Associate Director of body shimmer Samurai in a press statement, that "the Commission began applying the tariff law on all land, air and sea ports, including the Kurdistan region as of Monday." He added, "The trucks will pay amounts ranging from 5 to 25 percent of the value of the goods met by the Commission staff who are stationed on the cities, particularly Baghdad outlets." These measures and predict a steady rise in the prices of food and clothing imported building materials and electrical appliances, which has seen a marked increase, in the past few days, with a lower value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar. Ended (1)
MikeH:  Electricity pricing table Announces Tariff own operation prices Tuesday 19-01-2016 | 1:51:59 Twilight News / Ministry announced that the pricing of electricity wages electric power consumption in force currently supports through which citizens and urging them to pay wages of consumption. A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher in an interview with Lord Hvvq News, said that the government support rate for citizens through the pricing of up to 94%, were divided pricing on the five consumer sectors (domestic, commercial, industrial, government, agricultural). The teacher, said that this pricing supports citizens significantly and securing payment of citizens for wages and consumption according to the following table in the event that was equipped for 24 hours a day for a whole month and wages go down, down the hours of processing. Household consumption categories supported by the ministry and the devices in which it operates according to the approved pricing for 24 hours for a full month. TABLE:
mac:  So things just got more expensive in Iraq. They are citizens just like us. And how do we feel when taxes go up on things we need?
MikeH:  that is the way I am reading it and that includes there electricity
mac: Exactly. And we will get to that. But this Iran stuff influences that. So let’s touch on this for a sec.
Grandmaster: ? is did they get any more money to pay them with.??
MikeH: ok
mac: Why is the US rejecting their ability to aquire a portion of 400 billion in annual commerce??
mac: Grand not..........yet.
mac: What are our reasoning when US companies could use the business?
mac: Grand, hold not far from done. Stay encouraged friend.
mac: hold on.  LOL
Grandmaster:  wooo whooo......I mean WOOO WHOOO!!
mac: Guess who is going into Iran also??
jannilew: I know, I know (waving hand in the air) Put money in our (consumer's) hands to go  shopping?!?
MikeH: mac did you get my email
mac: Yes, that is the article I am referring from. Mind boggling that we have all that to offer.
mac: Please post it here.
Grandmaster: ((@@))
MikeH: ok
mac: VW is shipping to Iran. Guess the fines we hit them from will be offset by what they will make in Iran.
MikeH: Reuters: Companies rush to Iran as sanctions are lifted (1/19/16) Reuters: Companies rush to Iran as sanctions are lifted (Reuters) - Major international companies are rushing to establish a position in Iran as the Islamic Republic re-opens for business after the lifting of international sanctions. Up for grabs is access to a market with 80 million people and annual output of some $400 billion, making Iran the biggest economy to rejoin the global trading system since the Soviet Union broke up over two decades ago. Some foreign companies will remain wary of investing in the country, however, because of concern that the sanctions could "snap back" if Tehran is later found not to be complying with the nuclear agreement. .... AIRBUS Iran's transport minister said that the country intended to buy 114 civil aircraft from Airbus in a deal worth more than $10 billion at catalogue prices. Airbus said on Saturday that it had not yet held commercial talks with Iran. AUDI The Volkswagen-owned VOWG_pe.DE German carmaker said its representatives had traveled to Iran for talks with possible importers as it sought to enter Iran for the first time, seeing growing potential there for luxury cars. COMMERZBANK Commerzbank, Germany's number two lender, said it was considering the possibility of returning to Iran, less than a year after agreeing to pay $1.45 billion to U.S. authorities for violating sanctions. DAIMLER Daimler said its trucks division had signed letters of intent with joint venture partners in Iran as part of the German company's re-entry into the country. Daimler said it would work with two Iranian companies to establish a joint venture for local production of Mercedes-Benz trucks and powertrain components. It was also eyeing returning as a shareholder in a former engine joint venture. HELLENIC PETROLEUM Greece's biggest oil refiner Hellenic Petroleum is due to meet top Iranian oil officials later this week to discuss crude oil imports from Iran, a company source told Reuters. The company had been a major buyer of Iranian crude before sanctions were imposed. HERRENKNECHT Herrenknecht, a German tunneling company which helped build the Tehran metro in the 1990s, is ready to bid for projects in Iran, said the company's chairman. He plans to travel to Iran in the next two months to talk to former business partners. INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES GROUP British Airways, part of IAG, hopes to start flying to Tehran in the near future, said the airline group's chief executive on Monday. NATIONAL ALUMINUM CO India's state-run National Aluminum Co Ltd (NALCO) is interested in setting up a $2 billion smelter complex in Iran, its chairman said, and will send a team of experts there to explore the opportunity. TURKCELL Turkey's largest mobile operator Turkcell is looking for deals to enter the Iranian market and is in touch with the country's fixed line and mobile operators, its chief executive said. ZURICH INSURANCE Zurich Insurance said it would look into insurance cover for corporate customers doing business with Iran.
Grandmaster: Yeah Iran don't care about no stinking pollution.
mac: My point is, we have done the same if not worse than what Irans gov't has done. It is our gov't piety and hypocrisy and the continued villanizing of Iran that will undo our own economy for what?
wushock92: Not a darn thing wrong with those VW diesels.
mac: Standing firm on our values? Mr. President, what are those exactly? Can you tell us with a straight face?
arizona49: mac did you hear Trump yesterday......he said, they have $400B+ and we are giving them how much....he was hot
mac: WU *cough* *cough*, right.  LOL
Grandmaster: "O" will sic the EPA on them. lol
wushock92: Love the smell of spent kerosene in the morning!
mac: AZ Trump is spinning the info, it was theirs to begin with.
arizona49: I know, but many Americans ain't paying attention to Iran
Grandmaster: 1 1/2 billion is verrrry nice interest.
mac: 400 million in seized monies, 1.3 BILLION IN INTEREST!!!!!!! Who is in the wrong here. Would've been cheaper to give it back sooner. Sad part is, we knew that.
arizona49: Yep they did
mac: AZ, more accurately most Americans won't pay attention. Too busy being sedated by earth shattering things like the Bachelor. LOL
arizona49: Got that right
Grandmaster: Waters world. LOL
arizona49: Don't forget Housewives of .... blah blah blah
mac: I have foregone many unimportant things during this investment. Don’t miss them and I am not at a loss for not getting fixated on the temporary.
Alaskan bush people (Browns) got busted. 
OMG the most dysfunctional family and making the big bucks too
mac: They are making money by simply saying "Watch me! Watch me?"
arizona49: Yep
arizona49: Read about me, read about me
mac: And they are neither Whipping or Nay Naying.  roflmao.
MikeH: Mac I can't understand how people think that what is shown on those reality shows is read it is all made up nothing is real and people are watching thinking that this is reality happening to someone you don't catch me watching any of the so called reality shows
mac: Now we are off topic. See how easy that is?  LOL
Grandmaster: Thursday ......YEEEEEESSSSS !!
.BJ: I have heard all I want to hear about those sobs
mac: Then turn it off or change the channel.
.BJ: but they are on the news all the time
mac: It is you heart and mind, God says guard what they see.
.BJ: I do watch the news
Grandmaster: Three contractors kidnaped from brothel in the sand box. Caught with pants down.
mac: Not true, Grand. The sandbox considers where westerners stay a brothel. Whether it is or not. Small but significant detail.
Grandmaster: Really made a name for ourselves huh  LOL
mac: A house of ill repute by definition, is a house of bad reputation.
Grandmaster: Picky, Picky  LOL
mac: But significant.
mac: Changes the picture to these Iraqi American citizens were in their temporary housing when they were kidnapped.
mac: Doing nothing wrong.
Grandmaster: Works for me.  LOL
mac: Relaxing at the end of the day.
wushock92: That's a concept I'm unfamiliar with
mac: Re-read the article please. It’s a spin.
mac: Folks these were Americans.
wushock92: I mean 'relaxing at the end of the day'  LOL
mac: Who wants to hurt America? Iraq?
mac: WU  LOL
Grandmaster: Yeah right !! wush. LOL
mac: Wish I knew where the end of the day was.
Grandmaster: What were we discussing before got lost??
mac: Iran
Grandmaster: I'm dumb as a coal bucket.
mac: and I was trying to drive to how Iraq can't get left behind.
Grandmaster: Yogi said when you come to the fork in the road....take it !!
mac: Grand my mind is like a sieve.  LOL
mac: Ok all. Guess we are all still giddy from last night.
arizona49: Was excellent mac ..... good info to comprehend
arizona49: If any of you missed last night's chat w/TK and mac, here you go >>>> CHAT WITH TERRYK AND MAC 8:59 PM EST 1/18/2016,57212.0.html
mac: All I can say is if you have been diddling with how you will make this transition.....DONT. You will not want to be figuring this all out when things start moving, I perceive this week. Procrastination will make you REACT not RESPOND. Please, please please heed this final warning. If you dont, you dont. But my heart still feels the pain it will cause if you PREpare POST RV.
arizona49: mac very well said
MikeH: Mac I would like to remind everyone that the articles that I posted are in the GET Team Forum along with many more that Leo brings in every day all of the information is there for everyone to read and they keep getting better and better for our investment
mac: And I say these things with all the love God can push thru this 5'7' 145lbs body.
arizona49: We know that
MikeH: here is the link for the GET Team forum:
mac: Mike, please convey to Leo from me how amazing of a silent servant he has been. I pray the Lord sends Him a special blessing.
MikeH: I will
mac: OK all time to sit at the dining room table with Mrs. mac and hash out the final numbers BEFORE this transition. Be well, start this next journey on your knees. God will lift us all up, whose hearts are stayed on Him from there.
mac: Peace be with you all.
MikeH: Amen Mac
wushock92: And also with you
arizona49: mac Thank you mac for sharing your time with us....God Bless you and your family
jannilew: Thank you Mac