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Coffee with TerryK & mac 1/18/2016 10:02am est
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:26:51 AM »
Coffee with TerryK & mac 1/18/2016 10:02am est (TK on work assignment)
yabba dabba:  mac what up
arizona49:  mac Gooooooooooood Monday morning (coffee)
mac:  Good morning all. Sorry Im late, oldest daughter experiencing her first heartbreak.
mac:  AZ thank you so much.
.BJ:  good morning
arizona49:  mac those are tough times
mac:  Hard on dads, cant just fix it.
mac:  I like fixing things
mac:  KK,WU,BJ Gene, Janni!!!! Hows the faith?
mac:  And good morning
jannilew:  Good! thanks!
wushock92:  Mornin mac
jannilew:  It was a big weekend, mac (?)
mac:  Yes Janni HUGE developments
mac:  Iran got not 100, but 1.7 billion back this weekend.
arizona49:  Yes, heard on Fox a few minutes ago, they got the interest too
jannilew:  Those funds were theirs to begin with, just in our banks (which we had frozen). right?
mac:  That was the funny part, 400 million in debt owed, 1.3 billion in interest.
mac:  Janni yes.
jannilew:  Lots of dancing around it (verbally), but did the sanctions get officially lifted?
mac:  I wasnt expecting this to make the RV go over the weekend but it is a huge PUSH in the right direction
arizona49:  and an order of 100+ Airbus right out of the gate
mac:  Parl meets again on Tues. Iraq will also be in NYC on tuesday as well
mac:  AZ notice we lifted sanctions on them buying Boeing passenger liners and they went with Airbus which is from Europe
mac:  For those only focused on Iraq, this shows that they are not the only ones changing the global economy
mac:  The current consumption of oil is 95 plus billion barrels a day
BJ   mac:
Inventory is 97.5 billion barrels a day.
.BJ:  is that a sanction on them or us
mac:  Which BJ?
.BJ:  not selling them planes
majicsmoke:  good morning all
mac:  I think it was on them. Either way, they couldnt buy planes
mac:  Majic good morning
.BJ:  but we couldn't sell them which hurts our economy
mac:  I hope you all dont lose sight after the RV/RI on the big GLOBAL picture. You now can see how it will trickle down to your wallets. Not instantly but eventually, subtly.
mac:  Iran not buying planes from us hurts us anyway. They probably think we will bug them to listen in on them.
mac:  So we need to wait to see how this week unfolds. But it is steaming ahead, Iraq nis a big kick in the pants. Everyone in Dinarland has predicted wrong, so like I think Kap says let it come to you.
mac:  We have chased what we couldnt possibly catch for so long, swiming upstream so to speak. Let it come to you.
arizona49:  My sentiments too, mac, just let it come to us
mac:  If you have not followed TKs admonition please do. Pay off enough to get healthy (pay off all your debts) stock up on food water and especialy toilet paper, have enought money in the bank to cover 6 months of expenses, buy gold, silver coin. Sit back let the sparks fly and you will be ready to enter strongly into the new global economic reality please. Those that go "All in" into the banks will be ok before the rug is pulled out. Our US economy including banks are entrenched in the FIAT dollar. The transition to asset backed will not be smooth nor pleasant. Just reiterating, because I believe it is true.
arizona49:  I think that has been very good advice from TK .....
jannilew:  Dang it! I gotta run and show a condo. I'll be back quick as a flash.
arizona49:  Link to TK/Mac chat last Friday evening,57047.0.html
mac:  Nail the sale, Janni!!! You can do it.
mac:  No harm in being wrong, but I recently had it click in my head that this is a real possibility
arizona49:  mac no, not all.....yes it is....
arizona49:  I've learned through this 8+ year ride for me, anything is possible
mac:  And should be considered by any rational person. We didnt wait this long to lose it all after our exchange.
mac:  This is one thing we at the GET team cannot spoon feed those who dont want to spend the time to investigate for themselves. Since each and every situation will be different for everyone. Again (iknow, I know mac) Comprehend.
mac All I have read over the weekend and in today's articles.....with Iran out of the gate movin & shakin, Iraq has to get a move on it or they'll be eating Iran's dust....IMO
mac:  For me the RV/RI is a foregone conclusion. What comes next hangs heavy on my heart for you all. I pray you all up every day. Please listen to the small warnings, thats where many get caught. Because they ignored the signs based on the logic that it cant happen because it has never happened here. Even the term GLOBAL RESET indicates removing what has been done and STARTING over. In a reset you remove what was done and start over sometimes from the beginning other times, from where the train came off the tracks.
mac:  True AZ
mac:  Did you all know our last ally, Japan is considering jumping over to the AIIB? Did anyone catch that?
arizona49:  Yep, haven't they been considering this for a while now?
mac:  That means we will have no one to play with economically.
mac:  Maybe AZ but this is the first time Ive seen it in print
arizona49:  Another ally, so to speak, jumps fence
mac:  our last ally jumps ship. Lets not mince words here.
arizona49:  Very true!!!!!!
mac:  I still cant figure out how I started out in this wanting to witness the birth of a country and ended up becoming a global economic analyst.
.BJ:  with what we have running this country I would jump ship also, but when I was over seas I promised the Good Lord if he got me home safely I would never leave again, so I'm here till the end
yabba dabba:  we have turned our backs to our creator and made evil good and good evil....we are in for a rocky ride amen
mac:  I inderstand where you are coming from BJ but I didn't mean leaving the country. Just if you are going to stay, this is what is ahead.
mac:  BJ we have no one to turn to.
.BJ:  I guess we will have to depend on ourselves, and lean on the Lord
mac:  It is by design to rid the world of this money that is more artifical than the woman who wanted to be a life size Barbie.
arizona49:  Now that's an analogy L O L
mac:  We have manipulated it to crush smaller economies, inflated its value beyond reasonable and leveraged it to the point we coould never make good on all the promises it stands for. The chickens have come home to roost. Our gov't thought it would never happen..............they were so arrogant and they were wrong. Never planned or considered it happening
mac:  Now it has and they have no defense.
mac:  ok, folks let me tell my personal experience with this issue.
mac:  It is one thing to have some in the room to not believe this could be a real possibility. That hurts my heart. It is totally another thing when your wife of going on 25 years says that cant happen. And your oldest son is making fun of you being a doom and gloom prepper. After I explained it, Mrs. mac sees it and my son is still young and dumb, but I love them both.
mac:  Its kind of silly that I would rather be wrong then right in such a signifcant issue.
arizona49:  Again mac, better to be safe than sorry
mac:  So at least consider what TK has said for years and I have come to the same conclusion recently. Please!
mac:  For your sakes
mac:  Not mine.
mac:  On that low note,  Im gonna go. Stay on your knees in prayer, you will be rising up soon enough.
arizona49:  Well said
mac:  Lets let the week come to us. See you all tomorrow.
.BJ:  have a great day go rv
arizona49:  mac thank you...see you tomorrow, same place same time
arizona49:  enjoy your day