Author Topic: Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/15/2016 10:01am est  (Read 392 times)

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Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/15/2016 10:01am est
« on: January 15, 2016, 11:24:33 AM »
Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/15/2016 10:01am est (TK on work assignment)
mac:  *yawn* Good morning room! Didn't sleep much last night, brain is still reeling from last night cc.
mac:  Thanks AZ. wow what a night and i didnt even drink.
arizona49:  mac Great chat last night, my wheels were turning you go
mac:  Wheres my favorite lurker Janni, there you are, wheres your heart today?
jannilew:  question: that was an amazing conversation last night. Was that a "first"?
mac:  That was a first in a long time. We havent had an emergency cc in a great while
jannilew:  Oh Mac, I'm standing firmly on both feet, solid and Faith filled. Thank you
mac:  Now, lets talk about first how is everyone feeling? BTW Irans sanctions were lifted today.
mac:  Its official
jannilew:  let the show begin!
mac:  How is everyone feeling about everything?????
mac:  Good morning Dwight, soory for upstaging your cc last night.
arizona49:  mac I am feeling dandy this morning, tired, but good
jannilew:  I'm excited, (I think), first time I observed that level of excitement in this room. This room that cautions me (rightly) about getting excited when hearing such things. Woo Hoo!
mac:  Now (geez sound like TK) are we at the bank?
jannilew:  wait, let me check..
mac:  Can you exchange today?
jannilew:  no, I'm still sitting here at my puter
mac:  L O L
mac:  So we are and are not there........
mac:  Dont lose sight of the reality we are still where we werre yesterday
jannilew:  right, but we've got front row seats to watch the big show
mac:  I'm having two Tshirts printed one will say COMPREHEND DONT PREDICT
mac:  The other will have Jackie Chans face on it and will say STRAIGHT OUTTA CANTON
ETSDOCS:  Morning all. i am here for my getteam fix. I have a much better day when I spend some time the chat room. I preach on Sundays, so that gets me through the days I the chat room is not open.
mac:  Good morning Dwight. It is my honor to know you sir.
bigsammie:  Good morning all
mac:  Biggie!!! Wassup
ETSDOCS:  I am going to listen to tk and mac's last night chat
mac:  well it was a chatroom chat so it wont sound like anything.
arizona49:  ETSDOCS Hey dwight, it was a goooooood evening chat
mac:  Folks, and Dwight let me know if I have this right, but Gods people only celebrated AFTER they entered the promise land.
bigsammie:  I think it I need to read about last night's call....hmmmm
.BJ:  when the banks close will your trust go with them
mac:  Are we there yet? No. Can we like Sarah Palin see it from our porch? Yes.
bigsammie:  Something must be afoot!
.BJ:  Gods people celebrated him everyday
mac:  Keep yourself in the current context, this is the point where you can drive yourself crazy with impatience. Again dont ask when. Keep the same heart you had that got you this far.
mac:  True BJ but you get my point.
.BJ:  yes
mac:  thank you.
mac:  DONT start making financial commitments. DONT start ordering things. DONT base your disposable income on the IFCOME.
arizona49:  Amen mac
mac:  Its not in your hands yet..........but it is coming.
mac:  The good/bad news is we will be waiting till Tuesday to confirm this is a reality.
.BJ:  in other words don't spend what you don't have
mac:  There is the possibility that we could see the rate yet not be able to exchange immediately.
mac:  We know this will roll out, but again, the predictors are saying BANG! exchange.
mac:  I would hope you can as my kids say, KEEP IT REAL, until you get the green light to EXCHANGE
jannilew:  yes, I agree (admittedly I'd like to just dance now, but holding back)
mac:  We have endured alot of anticipation in this journey. But you will need to utilize the same if not more patience when this happens. As the song title goes FOOLS RUSH IN>
arizona49:  Good analogy, mac
mac:  Jump, scream, throw popcorn, whip and nay nay then sit down and COMPREHEND where you are and what must be done. Analyze your next moves, calculate what impacts your decisions will have.
mac:  Just because you cover you be in dollars does not make you any better then you were the moment before this happened.
jannilew:  true
mac:  Lastly, remember, our Heavenly Father watches everything we do and say. Will your words and actions processing (and yes it is going to be a process) from your former life to your new one glorify him or bring shame to HIS name?
mac:  You will not get a do over on this one, you have time, USE IT WISELY.
jannilew:  will do, very good advice, mac
arizona49:  Very true mac
mac:  The banks will have enough money to cover us all, investment advisors will still be open, no one is going to miss out on this exchange. PANIC is not an attribute of GOD
Tommy864:  Mac what is the latest on the sanctions against Iran?
mac:  The EXACT details of what and how this will happen are still being touted by the "predictors" but please take the time to 1. Thank God for this blessing 2. Treat yourself to a simple treat, your favorite coffee, an ice cream cone (yes you can afford a double scoop) 3. Find a place to reflect on what you have endured to get here and absorb the magnitude of the endless possibilities availed to you now.
mac:  In advance, research the advice of those who tell you what to do if you have a windfall. There are plenty of articles in our forum.
mac:  If you think critical think was important to get to this place it will CRUCIAL you apply even more of it now. Your future hangs in the balance if you dont.
mac:  I know I am preaching, but the bible and our lives are fraught with those who started well and finished poorly.
Tommy864:  Mac I am sure all members listed on right are doing the right thing.We all have been here a long time with the get team (from day one)
mac:  My heart aches at the real possibility that some that are invested in all of dinarland will wind up worse off then when they got in this investment. Please dont be one of those statistics. God has already given you wisdom, ABUSE it.
jannilew:  mac, you can't fix the whole world, nor all the folks in dinarland. I personally feel you (all) have
jannilew:  prepared me (us) very well for this blessing.
mac:  Yes I said ABUSE it. In terms of the definition of over use, not violence
jannilew:  Tho, my quirky sense of humor, sometimes makes me speak out, sounding differently, I am truly prepared, calm and ready. (but can still dance .... calmly)
mac:  Tommy, sorry re your Iran ?, I have to look at my keyboard to type, should have taken typing in HS. I majored in LUNCH. Let me grab an article
mac:  Tommy, first I am aware that you all have been here as I for a long time but it is like your mom telling you "Be careful" even tho you are being careful.
mac:  As far as Iran, sanctions were officially lifted today, 630am EST. Let me get the article.
ETSDOCS:  I just read your chat of last night and appreciate the knowledge of TK and Mac. Great advice. Dwight
ETSDOCS:  TK and/or Mac. I heard some negative information about Wells Fargo. Do you have any thoughts about them?
mac:  Well dang, there is no article, I was looking at the ship movements in the gulf. I read and dont take notes. I apologize, suffice it to say the majority of ships that were docked at the superports off of IRAN haave now left port
mac:  Dwight I have not, but WF is not part of my pervue. Could you elaborate?
ETSDOCS:  It has been said that they will accept your Dinar, but wait for a while to send you your USD. Also, it is possible that you might have to sue them to get your exchange.
mac:  Tommy, the official timeline according to President Rhouhani on 1/11 states they were compliant filling the last reactor and sanction will be lifted in 7 days making it the 18th as I said last night. best I can do.
Tommy864:  mac thanks OK I was with you last night and thought thay got a two week extension.
mac:  WOW!! Dwight, haven't heard that one. Can you IM me awill try to ferret that on out and am talking to TK later today please. Might be panic move so Chase can get more business.
jannilew:  Someone brought over the article (last night) that spoke to Iran getting 2 week extension
mac:  Tommy the EU placed a 2 week extension on IRAN. As I said last night there was some verbage that was unclear to me. Specifically about supercedeing the "smaller sanctions" I've read that specific sentence over and over.
arizona49:   1/14/2016 EU extends Iran sanctions freeze by extra two weeks >>> Brussels (AFP)
mac:  Still don't get it. I will be trying to clarify, as soon as I know you will know. I will put it in the forum ok?
jannilew:  yes, please 
.BJ:  I'm not going to use just one bank, that way no one knows all your buisness
jannilew:  Friends, thank you all, but I gotta run. I'll see you Monday, if not before.
mac:  ok all, I'm going to go. Keep your wits about you and eyes on God. ok? lets see what develops over the weekend
.BJ:  thanks mac:
arizona49:  mac take care and thank you, have a great weekend