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Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/14/2016 9:57am est
« on: January 14, 2016, 11:46:54 AM »
Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/14/2016 9:57am est (TK working)
arizona49:  mac Goooood morning coffee.....ready for ya
yabba dabba: good morning the get team whats cooking
mac:  Good morning room, sorry I was seeing if I missed anything above.
mac:  So what do we got today guys??
arizona49:  mac getting some questions about the article re the Gazette,,,,,,,any thoughts on that one???? >>>> Official Gazette published the parliament's decision to support his reforms and amend the investment law  >>>> Official Iraqi facts newspaper published a number of laws, decisions, regulations, instructions and decrees, approved by the House of Representatives and endorsed by the Presidency of the Republic. The general director of the Iraqi facts circle Muhannad Zebra in a statement to Osalh of Justice that "the salient features of the new issue [4393] property installed in farmland and orchards excluded from the settlement works of No. 49 of the 2006 Law." He Zebra also released in the newspaper "the Second Amendment to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2016 law". "The number included Resolution No. 55 of 2015 and private support of the House of Representatives and the support for the package of parliamentary reforms, in addition to a number of decisions," pointing out that "the most important statement number of instructions, is to organize the work of the supreme body of Directors' Meeting for the Hajj and Umrah No. 1 of 2015 ".is over.
mac:  What are the questions?
jannilew:  Is this the printing we are watching for?
jannilew:  Hi Mac
mac:  Hey Janni! Faith good?
jannilew:  short answer: yes
mac:  ok,good.
jannilew:  You?
mac:  This article is good in the fact that it states these laws are passed in parliment and approved by the president of Iraq. Why the questions, or are they concerns this article doesn't work in our favor?
jannilew:  mac, it's one of the first articles AZ brought over. Says "Official Gazette published"
jannilew:  we thought this to be (maybe) the green light
mac:  Let me look at it again.
mac:  As I read it they only approved another ammendment to the INVESTMENT law. We knew there was some contention about the original INVESTMENT law and they wanted to tweek it alittle. I will look more into that today.
mac:  But this completes diddling with the investment law. Wish Mich was here. He has a grasp on the laws better then I do. I was looking at the politics of it all. BUt I will look up that reference.
bigsammie:  Mac - oh ok.more amendments.
mac:  Just dialing it in.
arizona49:  mac so as I understand we are looking for the "Budget Law" to be posted in Gazette???
mac:  AZ do you have that IMF article MikeH sent out at 1AM last night?
arizona49:  Not in intel room, Mike must have put it in the Forum, will go get it
mac:  As I understand it, yes. They are not going to whisper that one guys, they cant hide it.
mac:Ok look at it this way, the budget is the soapbox car, the budget law is the board preventing the car from rolling downhill. once the board is dropped, gravity takes care of the rest. Get it?
jannilew:  Here's the one Mike did at 3:00 am. - IMF: Iraq will return to the market mid-2016 « on: Today at 03:17:22 AM » IMF: Iraq will return to the market mid-2016 BAGHDAD / long-Presse Detection of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), on Wednesday, for planning to send teams in the near future for both Iraq and Jordan in an effort could pave the way for more aid, and as pointed out that Iraq's economy is suffering the consequences of falling oil prices, as well as waging war against al (Daash), he stressed that Iraq will return to economic market during the first half of next year.   READ IN FULL:,57013.0.html   
arizona49: Thanks janni....quick trigger finger
mac:  Does this article look familiar?
mac:  Does the article have a date on it?
jannilew:  Says mid 2016
mac:  Remember folks, comprehend don't predict.
mac:  This was published last year. If you take it at face value you would think 2017.
jannilew:  it was?
.BJ:  August 2015
mac:  I know I did, until I looked at the details
mac:  Why post it
jannilew:  how in heck can we 'comprehend' with stuff like this coming back out? Exhausting!
mac:  Good catch BJ.
mac:  Because you are reacting Janni. Think of it in the current situation how does it make sense?
jannilew:  I must be denser than the rest of y'all. I find and read, but nothing makes sense to me. I want it to, too.
mac:  Iran is literally DAYS away from being released from sanctions. They politely returned our sailors and our boats in less then 24 hrs. Iraq won't survive if Iran RI's.
mac:  I approximate, based on Rhouhani's statement on 1/11, 7 days makes it the 18th of this month.
mac:  That is comprehension. Janni don't fret, that is why we are here.
mac:  Also in that article it states "IMF will be sending staff", yet yesterday the news said these staff are there.
.BJ:  if you share a port with another country, the playing field must be level, if your money is worth nothing and the others is valuble who are you going to trade with
jannilew:  oooooo good one BJ
mac:  Also the budget numbers regarding their deficit number is different then what was published in the PDF of the budget yesterday.
jannilew:  well what earthly good was it (what could their intent have been) to publish it again?
mac:  If you emotionally react in this investment it may be because you aren't keeping track of what has happened or don't comprehend truth and contradiction. So I guess we, the GET team do provide a service.
mac:  Its a head fake to those not following as close as we are.]
jannilew:  you got me pegged. I'm too emotional. So it's more smoke. Geeze, they've got a fog machine!
mac:  Those that are really watching this is a small % of those invested. (i.e. those that bought it and forgot about it untill they get a call or see the exchange rate)
mac:  Anyone see the commercial where the girl waits to tell the guy on the ladder to "Pull that peach!!!!!!!"
mac:  And she yells it, until that moment she tells him quietly, "not yet, not yet"
mac:  That is us.
.BJ:  yes, I've seen it
mac:  Do you agree BJ?
.BJ:  close
bigsammie:  yes, I have seen it. It fits.
mac:  So, here is my final thought then I have to go get ready for an appointment this afternoon. Who here knows what a "shakedown cruise" is?
.BJ:  I don't believe we are on a short ladder but a very steep cliff
mac:  That is one way of looking at it.
.BJ:  I don't
mac:  Close, a "shakedown cruise" is a navy term where they load the ship or sub with the supplies they need then set sail and make hard turns to see what falls off the shelves and such, then re-secure those items to insure they wont fall on anyone if combat maneuvers are needed. Your faith is the ship, the things that fall are the things that test your faith to make sure you get them secured so your faith may sail in any type of weather.
.BJ:  understand
mac:  This is all done before they trulyget underway to their destination. THis is not the true journey, this is to make sure your faith is secure. Only YOU individually, between God and you, know whether your faith is secure.
jannilew:  thank you mac, securing my faith now, and then off to take on my day. Have a good one, all!
mac:  One more note folks, secure your faith, this whole thing is only the beginning, and it begins in the quiet time before our Lord and Saviour and goes on from there. You have all been brought before Him by me today and everyday till we meet in heaven. Later taters.
.BJ:  have a good day and be safe
arizona49:  mac Thank you, will see you tomorrow, be well and safe