Author Topic: tfsherlock : BANK EXPERIENCE At Wells Fargo Branch office at in Ca.  (Read 329 times)

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tfsherlock :  BANK EXPERIENCE At Wells Fargo Branch office at in Ca.

 In talking with the bank manager about foreign currency, I ask her if she could take a peek at the exchange rate for the Dong. She replied, "yes we can do that".  She kept staring at the screen saying "something has to be wrong".  "My Wells Fargo Screen is showing 1.28 USD for one dong."  "That has to be wrong."  I said, "No, it could very well be right".

She seemed  startled and went to the internet for other exchange information before I had a chance to have her print the information on the Wells Fargo Screen that showed the 1.28 USD for one dong. The internet screen showed the .00005 USD, I believe it was , for one Dong.

That is what the screen showed.  Another Screen showed .00004 USD, for one Dong.  I ask her to return to the screen that showed the 1.28 USD for one Dong.  When she attempted to get the Wells Fargo Screen back up, she had a problem. She seemed very surprised.

I'm still shaking my head from this experience.  Please believe me, I think this happened to me for a reason.

 I'm a very skeptical person at times, besides being born and raised in Missouri, later moved to California, where I live today.

I'm finally beginning to believe in this RV/GCR event. Take it for what it may be worth!

DHarr:   Thanks for the bank story. We are getting ready to get off this amusement ride. Just remember the story about the first mouse, second mouse, third mouse. $1.28 will be a first mouse exchange rate. As Pam said, you have been educated, use it!

Bushog:  If the first mouse gets $1.28 --- then all I can say is "Get Out Of My Way", I'll take it!