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Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/13/2016 10:00am est
« on: January 13, 2016, 12:16:15 PM »
Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/13/2016 10:00am est (TK on work assignment)
arizona49:   good morning mac (coffee)
mac:  Good morning everyone. Is everybody situated? AZ thanks for the "joe"
arizona49:  I think they are.....I was late this morning, had an appt.....they've been reading up, thanks to beach
mac:  Janni......did you feel me prayin for you?
jannilew:  yes sir and hope you felt me praying for you, too. 
mac:  I surely did.........thank you.
mac: So let me address my personal "elephant in the room" then we will get on to the ton of good news, deal?
jannilew:  deal
yabba dabba:  morning mac
.BJ:  good morning everyone
mac:  I did what I did yesterday (insert link to yesterdays chat here) 1. Because God laid it on my heart to tell you. 2. To quell any suspicion the GET room or anyone associated with the team was scamming you. We have all heard of situations where someone asked for help only to find them just stealing from other compassion monitarily for their own gain. Mine is not the case.3. To establish that we who keep the room humming not be elevated by anyone to a status that we do not want or deserve (i.e. we are people too with lives, struggles, deaths birthdays etc.) we are people too. 4. My only request is that you feel compelled to give one or both of these things PRAYER or money. EIther one will work for me. 5. I am not asking to be "welfared" by anyone in this room. It is just my assets will not carry me from here till my new job starts in mid FEB. Thank you Lord for a new better paying job.
mac:  The End......getting a refill.
arizona49:  Forum Link to Yesterdays Coffe Hour >>>,56969.0.html
yabba dabba:  thanks mac for sharing....we are family here at the get....congrats on the new job..
yabba dabba:  lower the oil prices the higher the rv what do you think amen
yabba dabba:  still doing auctions that is confusing to me yikes
.BJ:  I know the feeling mac, where I was working ran out of money right before Christmas, so I have no job either, not much hope of getting one, so I like you will do the best I can, God is great, maybe someone will push the button and we want need a job. 
jannilew:  hugs to you mac, and prayers going up. I so wish I was in a position to do more ($). I'm in similar struggle. However my struggle is quite familiar and almost routine. This is where Faith has carried me, for many months now.
arizona49:  International banks warn of low oil price to $ 10
mac:  Folks, it was humiliating for my ego (which has no value in Gods economy) to expose my need. But if our family members here cannot express a need to their family, our family here then this is all just lip service and we should just shut down now. PRAYER and/or tangible acts are all that we have to give. BJ, Janni thank you for expressing your need. It is in Gods hands now how he provides for both of you and myself. We will have to tell the rest of the story so God gets His glory He so richly deserves. That is faith in action. AMEN?
jannilew:  AMEN
mac:  Now, two nights ago, TK brought in an article written by a Morgan Stanley financial analyst, stating oil will drop to $20 a barrel. Now Int'l bank forecasts $10??????? What in your opinions is happening here folks????
mac:  BigEngine? Gene?
mac:  Anyone?
yabba dabba:  need more value for the dinar
jannilew:  Is this because we (U.S.) are now selling our oil and not going thru OPEC?
guardian:  Mac, BJ and Jannilew, thank you for feeling close enough to this group to share. We all have needs that others can help with if only just a prayer. Some needs are monitary, some are emotional and some are physical or other types. It is so good to know that we have a group that we can come to with those needs and be comfortable discussing them. sometimes we just need an ear and sometime we need something else. And, remember, whatever those needs are, a prayer is always helpful!
jannilew:  beautifully said guardian
.BJ: thank you
mac:  AMEN Guardian, well said friend
mac:  Now back to the news junkies
mac:  IMO China, Russia are crushing the dollar in order to make sure the FIAT can never be resurrected for any reason. As we have discussed, asset backed will be the new standard for world economics. It not only levels the field for smaller nations it prohibits larger ones from ever over inflating their value to the point we are at now.
mac:  Sadly, this will lead to a ONE WORLD CURRENCY, and I know you all study your bibles and know what that means. Maybe not in our lifetime, but our childrens, grandchildrens and THAT does terrify me.
yabba dabba:  so what is the bottom line for iraq its kinda self defeating isnt it?
jannilew:  mac, a lot of things in the news are in alignment with things in the Bible. However, I think we are all here, and now by Divine appointment. And so, we are purposely here for what is taking place.
mac:  For those of you who are here for the "quick buck" (relative term, Ive been invested for 9 yrs) this is where this is heading. Maybe we need to rethink leaving a financial/spiritual legacy not for us only but those that will remain after we've gone. They will need it more than we ever will.
jannilew:  true
mac:  The official version was released, read it after I couldnt sleep last night. Anyone else see it?
jannilew:  official version?
.BJ:  no
mac:  Final Iraq Budget 2016 
jannilew:  thanks, no hadn't seen this.
jannilew:  will read
jannilew:  guess that wasn't the Gazette printing we were looking for, or y'all would be dancing
mac:  So here is my prediction, IRAQ is now under staff monitored program, with the IMF. I have to respectfully disagree with Michigander on this one. Iraq is being watched literally over their shoulder by the IMF to make sure the IMF gets what THEY want which is compliance.
mac:  If you cant sleep try reading that budget 3 times in a row, better than any sleeping pill
jannilew:  didn't the IMF also have a 'date' they were focused on, too?
mac:  I also believe that once Iraq is released from article 8, they will de-pegg
mac:  from the us dollar and join the brics. Game over, end of story, goodnight Mrs. Calabash wherever you are for the US FIAT DOLLAR
mac:  Janni in answer to your question, was back in 2012.
jannilew:  well darn!
jannilew:  must admit that world economics is not easy for me to understand
.BJ:  if the fiat dollar leaves does that mean that the federal reserve also leaves?
mac:  The IMF is now not nurse maiding Iraq anymore. They are physically there to insure that Iraq gets this done. The IMF is not listening to Iraq anymore they are watching them in real time now.
mac:  BJ, that is the plan as I understand it. remember tho it is a plan. Plans due change and adjust to unforeseen developments, but I believe it will eventually end that way.
.BJ:  thank you
jannilew:  okay, I have a tidbit that we can call 'rumor'. The gal who got me involved, told me that her
jannilew:  friend's church group of (500) has been called and scheduled to go in and exchange this weekend
jannilew:  in Georgia
mac:  Thanks Janni, when did this happen? And now we wait to see if it comes to pass. We all know what it means if it does or doesnt happen.
mac:  But encouraging none the less
jannilew:  this week. this weekend
mac:  no, when did YOU get this news
jannilew:  I will follow up and report back. Oh last night, sorry.
mac:  And your friend got this news when?
jannilew:  Monday
jannilew:  Same friend is working with Chase, has accounts opened (at no charge) and WM to call when IT happens.
mac:  OK, so that is recent good news, still keep your hearts in check, the weekend is two days away.
jannilew:  good advice sir!!
arizona49:  Thank you jannilew for sharing...all we can do, is hope & pray, but more importantly...stay grounded
mac:  I had this thought last night in the quiet in the dark, if you had to choose between comprehension or prediction which would you choose???
jannilew:  prediction L O L
mac:  Yes, Janni thank you, looks like God sent some encouragement your way just when YOU needed it, funny how that works?????
jannilew:  God is so good
mac:  ok Janni honest answer, everyone else???
mac:  AZ, BJ ??
mac:  everyone below BJ's name???
mac:  Please???????
arizona49:  comprehension
mac:  ok
.BJ:  I really don't know
mac:  Its just a choice...
mac:  anyone else?
.BJ:  but I have made so many bad choices
mac:  BJ, we have talked alot about God this morning also, He forgives you so you can move into the future.
mac:  And be in the present, where you are now.
mac:  My point, and I always have one, is this. IMO it would be better to have comprehension rather than prediction specifically in this investment. We have seen where prediction has gotten us and what effect we have sustained when the prediction is wrong. Comprehension however allows you to develop better skill that allows you to anticipate what is coming and adjust accordingly. That is why we have seen so many "predictors" both past and current come, be wrong, and go or lose credibilty. The folks that have endured in this investment are the guides who give you the lay of the land so to speak so you can observe and then anticipate. In my mind comprehension is always better.
arizona49:  Very well said
jannilew: sigh, yes, you're right..
mac:  On that note, I have overstayedmy welcome. Janni kudos to you for sharing, I know how much courage that took. And as I have learned thru this current situation, don't hide your needs for egos sake, thats what satan wants so he can keep us separated and ineffective. If your needs are not shared, you have limited GOds power to work in you and others .Please keep bj, Janni and myself in your prayers. You all are in mine many times everyday. Lets start our new life on our knees and rise from there. Peace out.
arizona49:  mac Thank you, you are so appreciated...take care of you and we will see tomorrow....God Bless you & your family
jannilew:  Thank you, Mac! God Bless You!
kaycee:  Thank you Mac!
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