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Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/12/2016 10:02am est
« on: January 12, 2016, 12:10:12 PM »
Coffee with TerryK & Mac 1/12/2016 10:02am est (TK on work assigment)
jannilew:  Hey Mac!
mac:  Gooooooooood MOrning GET room!!! Perfect timing as always AZ
mac:  Janni how you walkin today?
arizona49:  mac Good morning
jannilew:  Funny you ask. Walking with left hip sticking out. Something isn't aligned in me. But my FAITH is good!
mac:  Sorry about the hip. Good to hear about your faith.
mac:  Prayin 4 U Janni
jannilew:  Thank you
mac:  Was that a great chat yesterday morning or what? It was good to talk to Michigander.
arizona49:  mac so what's cookin this morning? Posted the all the articles above so folks could get caught up and ready to jump over and discuss
arizona49:  mac I read the coffee hour with Tk, you and Mich when I returned to IN last evening...good discussion
mac:  Let me scan up.....
jannilew:  I read up on all the news stuff; but (is it just me?) it's even more confusing today. The "intel gurus" run from it's not gonna happen till next month, to it's already happening. And then the Iraqi articles are even more gobbilty goop! Sometimes they have too many nouns and no verbs, so can't figure out the intent. I know the articles aren't meant for us, but is the language really that awkward to translate? rhetorical question
mac:  Janni, again, just like the jet streams in the atmosphere they all dont move at the same rate but they DO move in the same direction.....I know it sounds very zen, but it is as accurate an analogy. Dont look at the fastest jet stream rather look at the direction they are heading.
mac:  Ok room why is using electronic payments in the gov't a good idea? Please speak up.
wushock92:  Oh that's good, Mac
wushock92:  Grreeetings, GET Family!
mac:  Still waiting this question refers to Iraq. We will get to the world later
wushock92:  Less chance of corruption in the transfer in funds for one
yabba dabba:  keep track of all transactions and all buying and selling using cards no cash
mac:  ok.
mac:  anyone else. Man now I know how a high school teacher feels
mac:  C'mon peeps
mac: There are no wrong answers.
wushock92:  (knock knock knock) Anybody home? ======================>
yabba dabba:  help bring in the bigger notes
mac:  majicsmoke?
jannilew:  not using cash?
mac:  YESSS!!!! Janni
mac:  Whoo Hoo
jannilew:  L O L
wushock92:  Yup. Reduces the amount of physical notes required to fuel the economy
mac:  See folks if you take a minute you can come to a conclusion on your own.
mac:  Using a card for the ministries eliminates cash, less embezzelment. Using a card reduces time by electronically moving assets, using cards holds accountable both parties involved in the transaction. Using cards shows when funds transferred to and from.
mac:  Isn't this what a card does for you now?
yabba dabba:
pretty tuff going to the store with a 50 000 note worth 325 will force peeps to open up accounts
wushock92:  Leaves an audit trail that can't be altered
jannilew:  yes, but hard to imagine that all their daily needs (transactions) may be done electronically. The various vendors would all have to have the ability to process card transaction.
mac:  Before, Iraq did everything on paper, requested on paper, paid with paper. Remember when Malikis son walked into the CBI with a note AND WALKED OUT WITH CASH?????? This is also a form of security and stability, and efficiency.
mac:  Janni name one business here that cannot process a card transaction.....
mac: Hmmmmmmmm??????????????
yabba dabba:  not many
yabba dabba:  or any
yabba dabba:  i remember the days you had to run to the bank of friday get some cash for the weekend
jannilew:  in my head I was picturing Iraqi life to still be devoid of electricity to effectively process transactions like that.
wushock92:  Card transactions can even be processed using cell phones. Card reader thingy plugs right into the phone, turning it into a POS terminal
mac:  Furthermore, this also allows the various agencies to be able to buy supplies from foriegn vendors and speeds up the much needed equipment more quickly without the delay of requisitions, paperwork etc.
mac:  And we know they have cell phones in Iraq
mac:  Folks, see the jetstream????? Moving faster and faster. If the Gov't does something forward, the country has no option but to follow suit.
yabba dabba:  will bring the dollar in also
mac:  OK who was alive in 1999???
yabba dabba:  i was
jannilew:  me too
wushock92:  Well, I was breathing anyway. Not sure how 'alive' I was
yabba dabba:  about 7 billion of us
mac:  And everyone in the gallery were dead, they just havent been notified
yabba dabba:  gives us more of a clue
mac:  ok, that is the last time I can find when oil was $20 p/barrel
mac:  1999
yabba dabba:  ok what was the price per gallon
mac:  So oil will retreat to 1999 pricing.
mac:  Heres why I bring this up.
arizona49:  yabba dabba $1.14 (google)
yabba dabba:  ty yikes i can dig that...amen
mac:  TK and I talked about this last night. We are conditioned to thing increase is good, decrease is bad.
wushock92:  Depends on which side of the supply line you work. Good for consumers, bad for oil workers. BP annouced the layoff of 4,000 employees this morning
mac: In this case IMO decrease is good. It is forcing the US to use resources to survive ecomonically.
mac:  China and Russia are forcing the US to drop fiat by driving down the value.....
mac:  China and RUssia dont have to do pulling down they have the smaller coutries like gullivers travels attached to the US pulling on the US. Eventually the giant will fall, or be too weighted down to move, immobile.
mac:  Oil going down means we will practically give it away with little to no profit.
jannilew:  are we (US) the giant? Sorry, I'm missing it with this analogy.
mac:  The jetstream is moving toward a new reality that does not have the US as a Top manipulator, but rather an equal partner in world economy, whether we like it or not. But this is how the new reality will work.......because it has to.
wushock92:  After a 40-year ban on oil exports was lifted last month, the US started exporting oil within the past couple of weeks
jannilew:  Ahh, so we're competing in the market place with OPEC?
mac:  Yes Janni, we have called the shots for so long. We have convinced ourselves we are in control, rather then realizing the new reality puts us equal with others. This means no country will be able to manipulate their value and we are the worst offender, not China as is reported in the lame stream media
majicsmoke:  why? lets use up theirs first!
jannilew:  of course we are
mac: We and OPEC are the losers Janni, because we manipulate oil for our own gain. What happens if oil is no longer the commodity of trade? We are HEAVILY involved in oil and fiat currency? What if those things are no longer used?
yabba dabba: yikes
mac:  Think being caught with your pants down.
jannilew:  that would be an ooooops
mac:  My grandparents believed in cash only. When cards came out they became lost in the new reality. Used to be we only used our bank cards with the same reverence as a credit card. The US is my grandparents, refusing to accept any other reality and they got left behind.....
mac:  The reason I'm hammering on this is when this investment goes, many of you will no longer care what goes on in the world of economies, and that is where you will lose. You have seen first hand how one countries movement effects our economy. You need to keep an eye on these developments cause you have seen how it eventually trickles down to where you live out of........your wallet.
jannilew:  true
arizona49:  mac it has been an "eye opener/learning experience" for many, I am sure
mac:  You dont have to obsess, but much like that big dog in the distance, keep an eye out for him or you could get bit.
arizona49:  Another good analogy
jannilew:  and good advice
mac:  Ok dogs getting restless, or he has to go out and I am going to spend time with Mrs. mac. Been very distracted lately with all that is going on in my life.
wushock92:  Thanks for sharing part of your day with us, Mac.
mac:  Finally, did everyone see the announcement about the GET member needing help?
arizona49:  mac We so appreciate your well and safe
jannilew:  Thanks Mac, AZ, Wu and Yabba. I feel like you're all working hard to bring me along, like I have a private consultation with intel providers
wushock92:  It has come to our attention that we have a GET Team Staff member that needs some help this month. While we don’t do this for all situations that may arise, however, TerryK felt in his heart the need to try to help, so we are reaching out to you all. We have a staff member that needs help with some monthly expenses. If you can help out in any way no matter how big or small please email me (Tina) at Let me know if you can help. Thank you.
jannilew:  yes, saw that, hurts my heart.... not far from being in the same boat, though. Praying for us all.
jannilew:  We are GET, we are a family
mac: Just so you know this is not a scam
mac:  I'm going to tell you who it is then leave.
mac:  It's me.
wushock92:  Hang in there, buddy.
arizona49:  mac our thoughts & prayers are with you, ditto wu
jannilew:  Oh Man!  Please Lord, hear our prayers. Help our dear friend Mac!
yabba dabba:  the lord will provide amen get team is the best amen