Author Topic: Allawi writes about smart industrial production sector and privatization projec  (Read 261 times)

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 Allawi writes about smart industrial production sector and privatization projects

The country is going through a very difficult phase, and save the country and diversify sources of income requires the development of sound and thoughtful to create various productive projects within a short period of time and high efficiency plans to save the country from economic collapse is certain, and that can be achieved only benefit from the experiences of other countries to shorten the time and significant resources of the country and I can I say with confidence that we can achieve the country's resources can be substituted for oil, Countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, and Turkey advanced giant has evolved depending on the limited resources within short periods of time, how way to do that? ...... In this paper, we will discuss briefly some of the projects that can be achieved Bklv is relatively high, but a high degree of efficiency, planning and transparency and foot ... ..