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Michigander 01/12/2016
« on: January 08, 2016, 12:30:32 PM »
Central Bank calls for banks to buy new gold coins 2016/1/7
We are beginning to see some momentum. If you think about it, Iraqi's are giving up a big stack of worn out paper for a coin. 20 million dinar is like 26 coins. Much easier.
The central bank decided to move banks and insurance companies with International Standards on disclosure system 2016/1/7 "He noted that" these steps in order to enable all the requirements of scanning the transition style disclosure and inventory variables for the next step of preparing the final accounts for 2016 according to international standards to disclose fully and binding " . The World Bank stipulated that when given Iraq a loan B120qamh billion and $ 200 million the improvement of the Iraqi banking system .anthy
Clearly, the IMF and WB are pushing reforms forward. This would never had happened without the MoU/trusteeship. Not to mention it is happening in January. Iraq needs foreign investment capital really bad.