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Maliki: Barzani lost legitimacy and we cancel the Kurdistan region's share of the federal budget

The member of the House of Representatives for a coalition of state law, MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki, on Friday, the government and parliament to abolish the province of Kurdistan percentage of the federal budget amounting to 17% after Tnsalhm for the oil agreement, calling for the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the loss of the legitimacy of a referendum for self-determination away from the riches of Central and South Iraq that go in their assets.

Maliki said in a press statement by his press office briefed agency Nun news reporting on its version, the "slough of the Kurdistan region on the implementation of agreements is not new we could not find them during the past period, which followed in 2003, no desire or love for Iraq and his interests and the interests of the people and was the only one obsessed with is the expansion and drain the wealth Country and cooperation with hostile parties to serve the agendas and alleged state. "

He added that "the Iraqi people fed up with dispositions only responsible of Kurdish politicians no longer have any desire in their presence within our government or our Parliament, or even as part of the map of Iraq, so the president Barzani's demands for a referendum on self-determination and to save Iraq from their evil."

He explained that "Barzani accustomed him of harboring terrorists and the establishment of a hostile conference of Iraq and his statements and positions that indicate the hatred trove and less aggressiveness and exploitation of the security situation for the occupation of parts of the provinces of Kirkuk, Nineveh and Diyala, but Anstgrb him to repudiate all the oil accord after Disclaimer for partners of the Kurds in the region and stabbed in their backs and uniqueness Governing and lonely lost legitimacy as head of the province, and we expect him to be tolerated in the event of even cooperate with terrorism to bring down the political process in Iraq as a whole, if necessitated his interests to do so. "

Maliki reiterated "the need to take a real parliament and the government of those Altnslat separatist policy stance to cancel the first of Kurdistan from the original budget of the federal budget and, secondly re-formation of an Iraqi government that includes all Iraqis and not dealing on the basis of the state within a state."