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There is more in store
« on: December 20, 2015, 01:35:14 PM »
There is more in store

Recently, TK and I were talking about the recent developments in the dinar world as we usually do. Our conversation turned to our current situations. TK related to me the latest endeavor he had on his plate, accepting a position with a tower company to assist them on getting up and running more efficiently to paraphrase. TK needed something to do rather than sit at home with his new puppy and watch the intel fly by. Foregoing a salary for now and working 18+ hour days to include rain and the commensurate under achieving contractor he was strapped with TK wondered "God! Why did I take on this job?!" Tho not intentionally posed as a question TK soon recieved his answer in the form of an old 64, year old rigger whom we shall call "Carl".

Carl had been doing this job of climbing towers in all conditions decades before his 20 something coworkers were conceived. He had seen it all and done it all. No one was telling him how to do HIS job. Despite the constant urgings from TK to comply with current safety standards Carl was going to do it HIS way. Finally, the issue came to loggerheads with TK threatening, "If you can't comply, then you might as well get in your truck and head back to Texas." Carl, grumbling under his breath bugrudgingly complied.

As Carl accended the tower, TK noticed Carls' girlfriend sitting in the front of the truck as she had been during this whole job, reading a bible. TK took a moment of his day and sat with her, reading, and discussing Gods word there on the job site. Getting back to work and finishing up the day, TK was still saying the same thing, only in the form of a question now back to his hotel room. "God, why did I take this job?"

The next morning on the job site, Carls' girlfriend was waiting for TK to arrive. She related to TK how that brief time they spent together, talking about GOd's word in the cab of Carls' truck was the topic of discussion that evening. She told TK how Carl was encouraged by their discussion and understood that TK was trying keep him safe and to adhere to those God had placed before us. Carl had been feeling lost for awhile now and just to know someone else on that site believed in a living God also led him to a deeper desire to follow our Lord and Savior.

I relay this story to you today, not to glorify TK or our chatroom. I relay this story to you because it reminded me of how Jesus told us the story of how the Good Shepherd found that He had 99 sheep, not the original 100 he had started out with. Risking his flock, risking his life, he fixated on finding that one lost little lamb. He had spent many hours with this folk and knew exactly which lamb it was, who the mother was and the specific temprement of this particular lamb. Ever searching, ignoring the terrain, the weather, the hour the Good Shepherd trudged on listening, looking for any evidence good or bad of that lambs fate. Then when He found that lamb, in a place where it could not get out of, the Good Shepherd carries the offending lamb back to the security of the flock.

As TK and I concluded our conversation, we praised God for the answer as to why God had allowed TK to take this job. The answer: Find Carl.

Our thoughts were then drawn to you and the hope  that we would not be so overwhelmed with the change that is about to take place for all of us, that we would not hear the voice of God whispering to us about a little lost lamb.

If I may be so bold as to "modify" a well known benediction:

May our Lord bless us from His endless riches in glory, may He keep us ever in the center of His divine will for our lives, whether looking up or on our knees, may He make His face shine upon us all and give us that peace that defies human logic. AMEN
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Re: There is more in store
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Amen GOD always places us where he needs us there is always a reason we just need to be ready for it
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