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Message from Mac to the GET team 12/17/2015
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Message from Mac to the GET team 12/17/2015

The Messiah and the Dinar As we edge ever nearer to the one of the most significant times of the year,the birth of the Saviour of the world, I was struck by the similarities that are akin to our current condition. Please do not think I am being blasphemous in any way. Please just open your heart and minds to consider my thoughts. The history of Gods chosen people is one of a rich and a faithful observance of His commandments. It was started with the forefathers that a Messiah would come to free His people from slavery and oppression. That promise languished for many generations, those that were faithfully expectant lived and died, never realizing the reality of His arrival. With every generation the promise dwindled, yet there were a faithful few who still studied and believed in the promise of God. Thru the centuries there would be many imposters, false prophets who convinced others that they were the Messiah, only to have them be proven wrong or they died. This left many discouraged and disillusioned. All the while the oppression of Gods people continued. There were also those who proclaimed Yahweh had spoken to them and described what kind of Messiah he would be. Some said he would be a warrior, like Joshua. Some would say He will come and replace the current ruler with a real King, like David. Others adamantly endorsed Moses himself would return and just walk them out of their captivity as he had done in Egypt. And others truly believed there would be fanfare and a big proclamation of the Messiahs arrival. All the while the months became years and the years became centuries....................... Fast forward to one day when 3 wise men were told by God that the long awaited Messiah could be found, not in armor, not with a crown but in a manger, in Bethlehem of all places. Could it be? Was the wait finally over? They were compelled by there faith to find and worship the Savior of the world! Even during the Messiahs life, He still was not what everyone had expected. Their expectations were conceived from years of waiting and watching. They were convinced they knew what the Messiah would be like, and act like. Their promise of freedom from their oppressors, who were at the time the Romans, was not the freedom God had designed,no, God wanted the whole world, not just His chosen people to be free from a fate worse than death. Eternal separation from His presence. The images of the Messiah were not accurate either, the Messiah was not a King, or a warrior, or even a prophet. No, the Messiah was a lamb, to be led to slaughter. He would not fight back, He would not argue, he knew His mission was to come to die. To die for a world that did not acknowledge His arrival, or recognize who He really was because He did not fit THEIR expectations. Yet for those who had stayed faithful in expecting His arrival and those who came into contact with Him, were forever changed. Yet most missed the message. The dinar is not the Messiah. But as we come to a close of this journey, we too had or have expectations. We too emphatically proclaim what will happen or how it will happen in the future. But just as that promise centuries ago, we await the arrival of all that will transpire soon. My greatest desire for all of us whether of the Christian faith or not, is to understand that we could easily lose our focus at this very special time. We could allow our education or egos convince us that our group or whatever has the inside info that no one else does. That is not the message my friends. This event will change lives, change our community, change the world. After this is all over the Gurus and intel providers will go away for there purpose will be concluded. We here in Dinarland have created a world within the existing world only to find ourselves going our separate ways as it was before we got involved. Just remember that it will now be up to you how you execute the benefit of this blessing. The rest of the world, much like they did many centuries ago will go on, never knowing the years of waiting we have endured, the friends we have loved and lost. The hopes and disappointments we have experienced in this endeavor. But just as it was said in the account of the arrival of the Christ child that "A light has come into the world" may we too be worthy to be that light now and after our affairs with this investment are concluded. I thank you for taking time from your hectic holiday lives to read the thoughts of one man who is humbled by the blessing we are about to receive. May you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a God glorifying New Year. mac
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