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Allawi: I do not know .. the Turkish invasion and British forces entered Iraq for his cabinet

Twilight News / between criticism of the Iraqi government and accused of obstructing reconciliation and attempt to minimize the seriousness of Turkey's entry to Iraq and advocacy to address the issue means Aldblomaseh, ranged positions of former Iraqi Prime Minister (head of the national list) Iyad Allawi, who spoke positively about the role of Tehran advocate at the same time for intervention US in Iraq for being "Daash prevent the occupation of Baghdad."

He accused the former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, the current government headed by Haider al-Abadi, which disrupt the achievement of national reconciliation and adopt a policy of sectarian quotas and marginalization.

Allawi called in an interview with the fields to adopt the diplomatic means to resolve the issue of Turkish soldiers who are in Iraq, pointing out that Iraq has allowed Turkey to strike PKK positions between now and then.

In this context, Allawi said "I have no knowledge of a Turkish invasion of Iraq and the Iraqi governments have not abolished signed with Baghdad in the previous era agreements" revealing that "British special forces entered Iraq four months ago for his cabinet."

President of the National Coalition in the Iraqi parliament stressed that Iraq will be divided despite the chaos and that there Atvakie locally, regionally and on Hdth, calling for better relations between Iraq and Iran and Turkey.

Allawi said that Iran Her role in the region and a key part of the regional security, pointing out that Tehran was keen to touch on the security of the region during a meeting with Iranian officials as recently welcomed his proposal to hold a conference on regional security in the region.

And he saw Allawi that without understanding the regional security can not eliminate Daash saying that American military intervention to prevent the occupation of Daash for Baghdad to end Colh, calling on Iraq to build bridges of rapprochement between the two alliances led by Washington and Moscow, which considers the Middle East of the vital fields and can not do without it or the legacy of terrorism.