Author Topic: Maliki calls the popular crowd to prepare for "the enemies schemes"  (Read 255 times)

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 Maliki calls the popular crowd to prepare for "the enemies schemes"

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: called State of Law coalition leader Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, the crowd popular to prepare and pay attention to what he called "enemies schemes", and was charged with Turkey, the practice of "hypocrisy" in fighting al Daash, counting stationed in northern Iraq by Turkish forces as "gaseous forces ".

Maliki said during a meeting with the formations of a military wing of the Badr Organization, according to a statement his office, said that "Alhmaz, criminals and killers tried to attain from Iraq, but thanks to you and Ptdhtm foiled all the evil designs," pointing out that "the duty of the government and the duty of everyone to give your full support and backing, because that has been made on your hands you could not fully promised armies and equipment to achieve. "

Maliki called the popular crowd to "prepare and pay attention to the plans of the enemies who are trying to implement new projects on the land of divisive Iraq by trying to separate the Anbar on the one hand and the introduction of Turkish troops in Mosul, on the other hand."

He said that "Turkey practiced today hypocrisy in the fight against terrorism and Daash, because they claim to confronting terrorist groups while it supports these groups secretly through processing with everything you need of weapons, equipment and possibilities," adding that "those forces are invading forces them to leave immediately, but will be Options confrontation on the ground of many different because the Iraqi people in all its components reject the presence of foreign troops on its territory. "

You are in the original site, formally and legally registered, not the fake site to Saad Awsi, backed by Iraqi funds stolen by Khamis dagger and family Karabilah.

Maliki has demanded the Iraqi people to "go out and take part in demonstrations on Saturday to reject the Turkish presence on Iraqi territory," noting that "these events will serve as a response to the violation of trying to land and sovereignty of Iraq."