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Michigander 12/7/2015 5:05pm est
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Michigander 12/7/2015 5:05pm est
Michigander:  Support the local currency strengthens international role 6/12/2015 0:00 BAGHDAD - Imad emirate there are economic convinced strong that the decline of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate with a surplus in the balance of payments reflects the fact that the national currency undervalued real value, so there is an urgent need for action to raise the value of the dinar in the exchange market through direct and constant intervention of the Central Bank Iraq to reduce the sale price of the dollar against the dinar in the currency auction. the national market value of the national currency is determined in response to market forces, which in turn reflect the economic and political situation in the country is desired.Central Bank and its price generated in the free market by supply and demand forces of reaction, since no longer the difference confined to the rank of decimal but exceeded for up to two places decimal places, and so is no longer within the limits or economically acceptable ranges at the international level.
guardian:  hi michigander
guardian:  what did that say?
Michigander:  hello
Michigander:  just explaining what the process is and what needs to be accomplished to get to rate up
wushock92:   yeak!
guardian:  yeah, I understand that is what it is doing---but what does it say? haha
Michigander:  haha
guardian:  sometimes these articles give me a headache and I need them explained to me
wushock92:  Mich! How you doin', brother?!
Michigander:  very good and you