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 Maliki explains what happened to the protesters at the gate of the Green Zone

Hamid al-Maliki revealed one of the organizers of the demonstrations in Baghdad, Tuesday, that the unknown security force sheltering green insulted and humiliated in the region more than 200 demonstrators and arrested a number of activists at one of the gates of the region.
Maliki said for "Sky Press," that "the demonstrations young Liberals and intellectuals who demanded reform took progress towards the gate of the Green Zone, on the one hand Karada Mariam area, to communicate their voices to those who hear a their demands, but the security force is known Is it an army or police sheltering Green Zone insulted More than 200 demonstrators, including men and women. "
He added that "this force directed insults and humiliation to and arrested a large number of activists and pulled out their phones, including film director Mohammed al-Darraji," uncertain "The protesters went far to Tahrir Square to hold a news conference consistence what happened to them in the gate area and demanding the release of detained activists civilians and journalists. "
The security forces, the Tuesday arrest of a number of demonstrators in front of the House of Representatives in the Green Zone in central Baghdad