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Michigander 11/9/2015 5:49PM EST
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Michigander 11/9/2015 5:49PM EST

Michigander:  Parliamentary financial proposals confirm the existence of «of this kind» to overcome the financial crisis News of the departure of the central currency auction «gradually» .. and resort to «float the dollar» 8/11/2015 Insiders say, close from political circles, that the Council of Ministers may ask the Central Bank "soon" to leave the currency auction and resorting to "float the dollar"; because according to sources provides state what it called "significant returns Dinar", to feed the state treasury, the dollar exchange rate. She close to the decision-making sources in an interview to the correspondent of "the world", said the government may ask the central bank will soon stop selling the dollar through auction public .. gradually, in preparation for the floating exchange rate entirely,  >>>>
Michigander:  Very awesome article and news of where they are heading// great to see the transparency still going strong
arizona49:   Hi Moving very quickly
Michigander:  yep just as they have been saying its awesome to watch for sure
arizona49:  Alot of good articles over the last few weeks.....all progressive
Michigander:  yes they are definately letting the citizens know how it will be
Michigander:  as abadi was saying last week he thinks 1 to 1 would be a great starting point
arizona49:   I could handle that
wushock92:  Hi Mich
Michigander:  hey wushock
yabba dabba:  one is the loniest number 
Michigander:   Yabba ill take that lonely number
yabba dabba:  amen good to have you back jack...
yabba dabba:  so how close are we.....moving right along amen
Michigander:  thanks Yabba
Michigander:  its moving as the articles have been saying the council of ministers have got to ask parliament to take action on it // so we wait to see when that may be
yabba dabba:  trying to find some more info on hcl added to the budget law
Michigander:   well they plan on reading it the first time tomorrow so hopefully they will
Michigander:  "The investment law, which passed in the House of Representatives is one of the important laws, which disrupted more than five years until it was voted on," noting that "this law, the benefit to the Iraqi people , and it will encourage the entry of foreign and Arab companies to the country. "
Michigander:  this was a huge step also glad to see it finally passed only took 5 years
arizona49:  Well with M in the lead role, no wonder ..... if he were still in it, probably wouldn't be passed yet
yabba dabba:  amen to that......he is not calling me collect anymore to try to get rid of his dinar..amen
Michigander:  no it wouldn't he had the council of ministers back in 2012 vote down shabbibis plan