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The Dwight Logan Story
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The Dwight Logan Story

(How to Profit, Protect Assets & Prosper with Trusts)

May 1, 2013, St Petersburg reporter, Ann Saunders

While every face may tell a story it’s not often that you get the whole story. But when it comes to preparing a Trust document for you, business or family’s protection that is exactly what you need – THE WHOLE STORY. In other words, you want to meet someone like the man from Tennessee, "Top Trust Specialist," Dwight Logan.

The reason can be summed up in a few words: KNOWLEDGE, LIFE EXPERIENCE and OVER 40 YEARS OF HANDS-ON KNOW HOW.

Nothing but nothing replaces these qualities. It begins with KNOWLEDGE and that’s something Dwight Logan has in spades.

Dwight story begins at New York State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. That is when he fell in love with "The Law" how it worked and how to use it to benefit others. So he enrolled in Rutgers Law School and successfully earned his J.D. degree in 1964.

But just knowing something does not make a difference in other people’s lives. So Dwight began to write about it; he wanted to help others understand how they could use what he had learned to live better, more abundant lives.

He began traveling the roads as a prolific author, educator and lecturer. He taught courses throughout New York and New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. He began to specialize, teaching others about the power of Trusts, legal basics and how they could use them to protect their family, real estate, savings, retirement and more.

In addition to his teaching, he became a highly successful Real Estate Broker in the State of Tennessee and New York. He was as comfortable in the classroom as he was in the board room.

That set him apart from other, local Trust service companies. He didn’t just prepare documents for clients; now he traveled throughout the United States teaching seminars to other professionals. As a Seminar leader he taught over 3,000 people. 2

So it was no surprise that when it came to designing a protective Trust he became the go-to, confidant of some of the biggest, richest, most successful people in both New York and New Jersey.

That’s because Dwight understood that when it comes to preparing a Trust for someone the true professional gets right down to the finer details. So he went on to become the Founder of THE DWIGHT LOGAN REAL ESTATE SCHOOL in Knoxville, Tennessee. This highly respected position opened the door to him becoming the Host of the "The Real Estate Doctor Live Radio Talk Show," on the famous 990 FM News-talk Radio. This was pioneer stuff. It was years before 98% of America ever heard about the ‘Talk-Radio" format. Today, every radio station in the country has a talk radio show of some kind.

Now his personal client list included Trust Attorneys, TV stars, judges, politicians and billionaires. You might know some of their names, in fact, but confidentiality always COMES FIRST with Dwight, so they will go unnamed.

But it does make the point: It does not matter what your Trust needs are, a simple Trust to protect a simple home or a multimillion dollar estate that requires urgent, immediate protection. Dwight Logan has been there and has a closet-full of T-Shirts to prove it, red, white and blue.

So as Dwight likes to say, "LET’S TALK ABOUT TRUSTS."

And what does all of this talk about Trusts have to do with me, you might be wondering? You may know something, lots or just a little about what they are and how to use them. But what you may not know is that in 1990 Dwight created a highly unique Trust Service Program that was very different from the crowd.

He knew something not even some of the best Trust Attorneys in the country knew. Too many ‘Trust Specialists" would put everything you owned in ONE TRUST. This made your assets judgment proof, or so they hoped.

But now, the trust owned everything that you formerly owned. If there was a large judgment suddenly, because of an automobile accident, let’s say; the judgment holder could possibly take your car, home, bank accounts and everything else owned by THAT ONE TRUST.

Dwight’s specialized program instantly solved that potentially life destroying possibility. Don’t set up One, he reasoned, create a completely personal, 10 TRUST PROGRAM for each client. Now place each major asset IN ITS OWN 3


If there was ever a judgment FOR ANY REASON all that could be "challenged" would be the ONE asset, your house, for example.

But that was just the beginning, because Dwight added an equally powerful SECOND STRATEGY to the program. Let’s say that there was a judgment for $100,000 against TRUST "A." TRUST "B" or "C" or "D" can place a lien against TRUST "A."

Example: TRUST "A" is your house, and a judgment was awarded against it for $100,000. TRUST "F" or "G" could place a $150,000 lien against TRUST "A." SUDDENLY THE TABLES HAVE TURNED.

In order for the home to be taken away from you any first mortgage holder and the Lien due to your other Trust would have to be paid FIRST.

Dwight’s "10 TRUST PACKAGE" has safeguards that no other Trust Strategy can compete with. And it gets better still.

For example: Your "trust assets" can be leased to, and managed by an LLC or other entity of your choosing. The lease and management agreements are excellent firewalls. It is not possible for you to have to pay any judgment holder more than the interest you have.

Since the LLC has only a lease holder’s interest in the asset, then all any judgment creditor could ever hope to receive is the balance of the lease. That’s because the trust holds legal title to the asset – NOT YOU. If there were 6 months left on the lease then the judgment creditor could only challenge the court to allow him or her use the asset for the remaining 6 month period. Then they would have to return "the asset" to the trust.

But let’s not stop there. Dwight wants you to "profit and improve the quality of your life" by learning the difference between a ‘Protector" and a "Trustee." What role does each one play in protecting your family, property and wealth? This is "vital information" you need to know as soon as possible. And here is one small hint. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, but helpful for you to know. "The protector, with your permission can hire or fire Trustees."

Here is one more helpful bit of Trust advice. It is common for people in need of Trust Services to pay anywhere from $1000 - $2500 for a professional to prepare a single Trust. Others have spent more than $10,000 simply trying to protect their assets and themselves from unjust lawsuits and financial attacks on what belongs to them and their family. But you never have to 4 pay those kinds of prices – EVER!

Simply, Contact Dwight or his staff, personally for a 100% FREE CONSULTATION and overview of how the right Trusts can protect you and yours. Discover how you can have your very own 10 Trust Protection Program in place now and do so "Affordably" and effectively. In fact, just fill out the brief application form below to LEARN MORE. And your FREE CONSULTATION can begin right now.

This consultation can include assets you have currently, inheritances coming to you, profits from currency exchanges, stock market investments, real estate holdings, automobiles, RVs and generally protecting you and your family in every way possible.

As Dwight says, "Don’t let the idea of spending a few thousand dollars stop you from acting now. It’s never wise to loose $100,000 or $1,000,000 just because you did not act to learn more about your options. Not when you can learn it FOR FREE right now."

Contact: Dwight Logan