Author Topic: 7/19/2015 Allawi emphasizes the need to stop the massacres against the people an  (Read 255 times)

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7/19/2015 Allawi emphasizes the need to stop the massacres against the people and get away from the "justifications" 

Information / Baghdad / ..
Called on Vice President Iyad Allawi on Saturday, the government to reveal the perpetrators of the bombing hand Khan Bani Saad in Diyala province, prosecute and the rhythm of their comeuppance speed, as he emphasized the need to work hard to stop the "massacres" against the Iraqi people and get away from the "justifications".
Allawi said in a statement received / information /, a copy of it, "on their way criminal ugly in the shed blood of innocent people, and disregard for Bhrmat God and holy days, targeting terrorists murderers, yesterday, a criminal action savage our people in Khan Bani Saad, highly populated areas, large numbers of casualties the dead and wounded, in a cowardly act does not belong to Islam or humanity onion. "
Allawi added, "We condemn this cowardly act, which has become a spectacle daily repeated in more than one place, call on the government and its institutions competent to detect the perpetrators, prosecute and rhythm comeuppance their speed, reminding the arrival of the security authorities of the actors and arrested within hours or a few days in the states nearby, although it is not available on the same number of devices and elements and capabilities available to us. "
He continued that "justifications are no longer acceptable to the bloody scene and dozens of innocent victims every day because of the absence of plans that are commensurate with the challenges posed by the forces of terrorism and crime, and must work hard to stop these massacres against our honorable."
The deputy head of Diyala provincial council, Mohammed al-Hamdani, announced on Saturday (July 18, 2015) that the final outcome of the bombing of hand Bani Saad exceeded 200 dead and wounded, as he pointed to the existence of more than 20 missing.
He announced the organization of "Daash" today, claimed responsibility for the bombing, as he emphasized that his goal was "rejecting revenge for the killing of the year" in Hawija southwest province Krkk.