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[michigander] 6/24/2015 10:12am edt
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[michigander0131] Parliamentary confirms that the country's economic conditions have forced the government to issue bonds on credit 2015/06/22 10:13 Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary beautiful member of al-Obeidi, Sunday, that the issuance of central bank bonds worth five billion dollars Order term is not a solution, but sometimes are taken, forcing action as a result of economic conditions experienced by Iraq. She said al-Obeidi for "tomorrow Press ", that" economic conditions experienced by the country called for the issuance of central bank bonds worth five billion dollars Order term Sometimes the government provides the steps to be forced out to cover the deficit in the public budget. " "The issuance of these bonds is not a solution, because most of the economic policies wrong in the country today, but that the issuance of these bonds will have a negative effect and will affect the future. " and showed al-Obeidi said "the country is going through a difficult circumstance result piled upon whether neighboring countries or regional.    [michigander0131] this is not good at all these bonds only hurt not help//
[michigander0131] they are going to take cash out of the banks and give them bonds in lieu of the cash to support government liquidity. . Terrible for the banks and the citizens.

[michigander0131] Central Bank launches amounts of medium and small loans early July 6.23.2015 Long-Presse / Baghdad Iraqi Central Bank announced on Tuesday the launch of loan amounts medium and small enterprises by the Iraqi private banks early next month of July, and pointed out that the loan amounts will reach up to 50 million dinars, as he emphasized that banks benefit will not exceed 5.5%. http://www.almadapress.c ยทยทยท 84%D9%85     [michigander0131] we still need parliament to pass the laws // but at least CBI is trying to do all the other stuff // they are moving forward with the plan to create a market economy and these loans are the beginning for Iraqi's who want to start businesses. Good to see them starting this in July. --