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[michigander] 1:45pm edt 6/23/2015
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[michigander0131] Central Bank: the issuance of three categories of cash in 2017 Author: Publisher on:June 23, 2015 BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Director General of the version number and inventories at the CBI Ihsan Yasiri delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency and a national project to feminine Iraqi currency, likely work on the project early in 2017. "The Yasiri (IMN) that" the central bank began to develop the study of new designs for the currency after the removal of zeros it, "noting that" the deleted currency zeros will deliberate for Sntn in the local markets, as the bank continues to center to pull the old category of the currency over ten years. " . He continued that "it is likely the launch of the new category from the beginning of the currency in 2017 because there are a number of opponents of the project," pointing out that "monetary Asaddaramlat category 50, 100 and 200 to ease trading burdens currency after deletion of zeros, as well as the provision of liquidity to the means of transportation of currency." The Iraqi Central Bank decided earlier, re-exchange companies deprived of the central auction of the coin and the end of their sentences. The central bank decided to open a window at his headquarters in Baghdad to meet delegates and scholars requests abroad in dollars and the official price.        [michigander0131] like that they are drawing up the plans to print the new currency (link didn't work)

[michigander0131] Demand an image of Ur new currency for the first law enacted by Parliament and humanity Created on Monday, June 22, 2015 22:28 BAGHDAD - Constitution Called legal expert Tareq Harb Central Bank of Iraq to put a picture Ziggurat of Ur in the new currency to be issued soon by the categories of the 50 الف and 100 thousand Danar   

[michigander0131] Decision: the House of Representatives resumes its work next week He wrote in: June 22, 2015 Diamond News / Baghdad: He announced the decision of the House of Representatives MP Imad Youkhana, that the Council will resume his work the first day of the month of July, which will mark Wednesday of next week. Youkhana said in an interview for "Diamonds News" that "the House of Representatives legally resume its work on the first of next July, which falls on Wednesday of next week," he said, adding that "but determine the date of the hearing, will remain up to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives." And the Council decision "the common good of the country and the work of the Council to begin their duties when it will be him legally," expected to "continue the work of the Council after Astnonfe for a week or two and then take the Eid al-Fitr holiday.     [michigander0131] this is good news maybe will get to the many many laws still needed

[michigander0131] In coordination with the Central Bank of organized crime constitute a crisis cell to hunt down the perpetrators of the speculators exchange rate appreciation 23/06/2015 11:08 General manager of the fight against organized crime in the Ministry of Interior, Major General Hussein al-Shammari, for the receipt of information confirming the existence of a number of currency speculators who are taking advantage of the current situation of the country Bmaholthm raise the exchange rate and stressed the fight against organized crime manager that there is coordination and cooperation with the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives through joint meetings with them, explaining that the Commission relied on what was done by the Directorate of collecting information provided by the sources in turn lifted to the Central Bank, and its impact on the crisis cell was formed with the central bank to address this issue.   

[michigander0131] Twilight News / Ministry of Transport announced Tuesday by the Iraqi ports receive nine ships and naval tanker tonnage different in Basra province, the far south of the country. According to a statement issued by the ministry said the commercial port of Umm Qasr south of Basra received the ship Hye Kyo tonnage 73.088 tons of iron and two ships salumi / 5 Jebel Ali / 3 ships with a tonnage of variety and Anbala _sbaa_basvk Crane tonnage containers. The statement added that the port of Khor Al-Zubair received three naval units received the commercial port of Khor Al-Zubair, south of Basra, Baghdad, the Iraqi tanker tonnage of gas oil and the ship Mary Panama citizenship The statement continued that the two ships stronghold receives trademarks port received the commercial center of Basra stronghold port of the ship precious cargo of cement and the ship waves Caron cargo containers.