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6/22/2015 [michigander]
« on: June 22, 2015, 10:51:05 AM »
[michigander0131] CBI: Iraq plans to issue a new currency in 50 dinars after deletion of zeros November 27, 2011 According to the information published (Rn), two days before the central bank is working on the version of class 50 thousand Iraqi Dinars. Category that occurs while the Bank issued in the future is 50 dinars, and this is done after deletion of zeros. It examines the Iraqi Central since June last deleting three zeros from the local currency in an attempt to promote the value of currency in circulation, external and internal.    [michigander0131] This statement, made 4 years ago, clearly distinguishes between a 50000 note to be issued and a new 50 dinar note that will be issued after the deletion of zeros. They therefore cannot and are not the same thing. The new 50 dinar note will come out after the deletion of zeros notes are out of circulation, including the 50000 note. The statement was clarified with this one: The deputy governor of the Bank in favor of the appearance of the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that “the Central Bank of Iraq is working to issue new paper currency after deletion of zeros will be the class of 50 dinars which is equivalent to the current 50 thousand dinars.” We see, then, that after the deletion of the zeros and the rise in the value of the dinar there will be a new 50 dinar note that will be worth $43 (which is what the new 50000 note that is coming out now will be worth).