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[michigander] 6/17/2015 2:56pm edt
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[michigander] 6/17/2015 2:56pm edt

[michigander0131] Protests in Baghdad on the low value of the Iraqi dinar June 17 2015 Money-money-Iraq Dozens of Iraqi traders in the beautiful industrial area east of the capital Baghdad to protest the low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, which hit its lowest value against the dollar yesterday for nearly twelve years. The demonstrators carried banners denouncing down the Iraqi dinar exchange rates, demanding the government to take urgent action to prevent the deterioration of the local currency, said one of the participants in the demonstration that the market situation has deteriorated in the last week and stopped numerous acts of traders because of the fluctuation of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar. He added that traders importing goods from abroad in dollars and sold in the market in Iraqi dinars, the continuous decline in the dinar exchange rate display to large losses, adding that some of them decided to stop work temporarily until a stable exchange rate. The Iraqi dinar has fallen in the local foreign exchange market exchange rate to one thousand four hundred and five thousand dinars per dollar, the lowest decline witnessed in the exchange rate since two thousand and three, where the rate was stable thousand and two hundred dinars to the dollar since then.      [michigander0131] well we will see how abadi handles the pressure things going to get interesting

[michigander0131] The Cabinet decided Tuesday control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies, "until we achieve stability." said a senior government source, "the world", said that "the local currency exchange rate accounted for by the great debates Council of Ministers in its regular Tuesday, "adding that" the Council hosted the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq during its meeting yesterday to find out the reasons for the rapid decline in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar. "    [michigander0131] Iraq has begun to sell more dollars as of a couple days ago, they've sold almost $500 million and the rate dropped to 1354-$1. I don't know how they can keep that up though, they're going to run through the reserves if they continue at this pace. The other telling part about this article is this excerpt: Mohammed Khalil, one Shorja market traders, confirmed for "world" that the security tensions in the west and northern Iraq, as well as increased customs on goods imported and the high dollar exchange rates "increased prices The cost of imported goods and products. "

[michigander0131] Kurds are fleeing the dollar from Baghdad in preparation for adoption as the official currency in Kurdistan 16/06/2015 smuggling dollar to Kurdistan operations was the main reason for the dollar rise abruptly, the source said traders and brokers collaborates with politicians from all parties involved in the political process were taken nearly a billion dollars over the past week to Kurdistan, the source said that the Kurdistan region has the intention to cancel the deal approved in Iraqi currency, and replace the US dollar until the adoption of the province's private currency.     

[michigander0131] Dinar trick The Evil word that should never be mentioned againmers earn millions of dollars 16/6/2015 BAGHDAD / .. stated in achieving its publication site " Iraq Business "and eat it placed new arise on the Iraqi arena originally infected severe satiety is heavily exotic disparate events as a new class of The Evil word that should never be mentioned againmers appear on the Iraqi financial landscape allocate these to play on the strings of the nature of Iraqi society, which You may see a lot of opportunity to exploit the financial and profit. Where these new crooks deluding the Iraqi capital and even politicians sometimes they are part of a global financial organizations or ideology capable of manipulating the capital market and raise and lower the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar as they please.   [michigander] [michigander0131] Sounds like a little bit of TNT nonsense found its way to the media overseas. The funny part is for some reason the author of this article seems to think that these The Evil word that should never be mentioned againmers had some effect on the currency conditions of the dinar in Iraq.

[michigander0131] British report: Financial trick invented by crooks left the Iraqi dinar 16/6/2015 Translation / ... since for quite some time and the means of social communication and journalism specialized economically talk about the growth of the phenomenon invaded the financial market between the Iraqi dinar and the dollar, employers this trick or their April Fool's crooks professionals were able to play on the strings of human nature and the quality of the Iraqi individual properties as well as the US .bhsp what the British report a competent economic affairs Millions of dollars as reported press reports reported by economic agencies such as the " Iraq Business "British money is this trick which claimed the lives of thousands of ordinary people, most of them Americans, and a fraction of them Europeans and some Iraqi capital.   

[michigander0131] 3.00075 million thousand barrels of daily oil production rate 6/17/2015 0:00 Expectations of the arrival of gas production to one billion cubic feet a year-end BAGHDAD - Tariq al-Araji Basra - Saad Al-Sammak Oil Ministry said that crude oil production in the whole country barrier 3 million and 750 thousand barrels exceeded per day, while predicted that gas production rate associated with up to a billion cubic feet end Alhala.msdr public official in the oil ministry, told the "morning" that "these amounts may be reduced in the event of the Kurdistan region's failure to deliver oil product there, as happened earlier this month."  [michigander0131] These figures are close to what the May figures were, estimated revenues based on these numbers should be just a little over $5 billion dollars for June.
[michigander0131] not to shabby// for a month

[michigander0131] Maliki planned to return to power Created on Tuesday, 16 2015 BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Washington Times quoted US newspaper, Tuesday, for US and Iraqi officials that the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is working to undermine the administration's efforts to create a more inclusive communities for the country Iraqi government. Officials warned that the al-Maliki still controls the scene from behind the curtain and plans to return to power in the coming years. The newspaper said that "al-Abadi came to power last year and pledged to launch a Sunni Awakening against Daash, but it went on to say that this did not happen, but very little of it. The newspaper attributed the inability of the Abadi realize his vision of al-Maliki continued to interfere in the Iraqi political scene, he is the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, in addition to being vice president. The newspaper quoted a member of parliament and chairman of the Committee of the Regions and the provinces Mafraji that Khaled al-Maliki remains influential and broad authority.