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6/16/2015 [michigander]
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Michigander 6/16/2015 10:33am edt

[michigander0131] Central Bank current problems as a result of the loss of independence 15/06/2015 So there is the intervention of the Ministry of Finance in the work of the central bank. Also restrict the sale by the House of Representatives means interference in the work of Parliament's central bank this is a big mistake of the Central Bank is responsible to the House of Representatives and not subordinate to him, Thus, the central bank has lost its independence and became a bow to the decisions of the government and parliament. And loss of independence would lead to the creditors to look to the central bank's money as government funds, becomes a target for creditors, and this is an important issue should be discussed with creditors and lawyers Iraq. The central bank has weakened administratively from the government, and often tried to governments to impose its policies on the central bank, including the former prime minister tried to borrow from the central bank which was rejected because the bank law prevents him from it, and ended up the attack on the central bank and the arrest of many of the finest staff . Lama speak much echoed by the government and the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives on "foreign currency auction", this auction is a monetary policy which pulls dinars from the market and bought by foreign currency
[michigander0131] It's clear the CBI needs to be free from meddling from the government.