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[michigander] 6/15/2015
« on: June 15, 2015, 03:48:31 PM »
[michigander0131] 5 reasons led to the rise in the dollar exchange rate Monday 15 June 2015 Qurtas News / Baghdad See expert in economic affairs Maitham coffee, Monday, five reasons that led to the rise in the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar. He says coffee in a statement to "Qurtas News" that " the continuing validity of the application of Article 50 in the federal budget for 2015 determining the quantities sold by the central bank, although the central bank Ptjao number 75 million is one of the main reasons for the rise. " "The decision to impose the tax Alcomerakih and deducted from banks and Chierfat that buy the dollar from the central bank led to the transfer of the burden of this Aldharbah by raising the price of the dollar." He said Chairman of the Department of Finance and Banking at the University of Mustansiriya "The third reason is the start of stage confidence dinar fell as a store of value and give it up in exchange for increased demand for the dollar for this purpose," stressing that "demand has increased on the dollar because of Ramadan and the holidays and all the increase is harmful." And between coffee that "the continuation of the dollar to exit abroad without import things is the fifth Yadi to increase the exchange rate." http://www.alqurtasnews. ยทยทยท D9%88/ar
[michigander0131] with ramadon coming all of parliament is on vacation untill after holiday so // unfortunantly we will have to wait till after . hoping they come back with the hope to get the laws passed that are still needed//
[michigander0131] so enjoy the summer weather and family and freinds// and take a little break from all the crazyness this investment brings //