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6/10/2015 [michigander]
« on: June 10, 2015, 10:42:15 AM »
6/10/2015   [michigander0131] Parliamentary Finance demanding the ouster Governor of the Central Bank June 10, 2015, 12:35 BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) The parliamentary finance committee demanded to sack the current governor of the Central Aleinik on the Keywords agency. The head of the Committee in a statement ((eighth day)) that "should be changed Keywords After this fiasco, especially that the selling price for the banks fixed is (1190) to the dollar, and said about him the central bank auction and this word for laughter on the chins, adding that banks and companies sell the dollar (in 1335) to the dollar! This price is only meters away from the central bank and thus they are only beneficiaries and the citizen is the biggest loser. He said Chalabi, should be the new governor of the Bank shall be an autonomous professional in this area and do not represent the party or political blocs. (AA)
[michigander0131] will be interesting to see who abadi puts forth for a vote in parliament for next CBI governor// if keywords is ousted//
[michigander0131] or will he put a proxy in like malliki did with keywords// ???

[michigander0131] Chihod: most of the House of Representatives out of Iraq and ruled out the agreement soon to pass laws broken 06.09.2015 BAGHDAD - scales News Ruled out the MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Chihod, Tuesday, the political blocs close to agreement on a pass broken laws. Said Chihod in a statement / balance of News / that "most members of parliament and the heads of political blocs outside Iraq and there are very few present inside Iraq", ruling that "there will be a meeting of the heads of political blocs in this time to draw the political map of the parliament next legislative term." Chihod expressed hope that "witnessing the next legislative term read and pass laws and to activate the oversight role of Parliament." It ended 29/4 e ··· 8A%D8%A9
[michigander0131] looks as if we wait for the laws that are still needed till next term // oh well // it is a long term investment and not a get rich quick one //

[michigander0131] Rasheed covers import companies and businessmen commissioned 6/10/2015 0:00 Baghdad morning decided Rasheed Bank, to cover import companies and business costs, which are made in hard currency, in order to support the economy Alaraca.oukal year bank manager Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the "morning": that cover the economic activity of the private sector to support the national economy, and control high Prices in the markets, resulting from increased dollar exchange rate, pointing to the willingness of the bank to pay for imported goods and goods from abroad in hard currency by promoting the importing request through the bank or money transfer companies approved by the Central Bank of Iraq. ··· ID=94491
[michigander0131] this is how imports and companies working inside Iraq are paid // untill the currency reform project or// delete the zeros // takes affect