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[michigander0131] the new lower denoms will not have american on them Iraqi and kurdish language
[michigander0131] but the lower denoms will not be out for a while yet will be after the dinar reaches one to one and then they will release them there are several article pertaining to this very subject that has been published by CBI in the last 2 years//
[michigander0131] Baghdad Operations announces the restoration of seven areas in the vine eliminate from the grip of the organization "Daash" June 7, 2015 Baghdad Operations Command announced the liberation of seven regions in the vine spend in Anbar province. A spokesman for the command Brigadier Saad Maan said in a press statement that the brigade ninth session of the Iraqi army was able to edit blush camp and the villages of Albu DLF and Albu Issa and the mullahs in the vine Island noting at the same time that the Task rapid intervention first managed to free Zjalah areas and quarrying gravel and refinery north arm of the Tigris in the judiciary.
[michigander0131] at least they are trying
[michigander0131] (Reuters) - International Monetary Fund reached an agreement on Friday with Iraq on the loan program worth $ 833 million is expected to help the country in support of public Malyate. The IMF said that the program - which still needs to review by the Board of Directors next month - will help Iraq to cope with the drop in oil prices since last year and the violence related to the conflict with the organization of the Islamic state. The government expects a deficit of about $ 25 billion in the current year budget of about $ 100 billion
[michigander0131] this means they have come to terms with the IMF (that includes a Stand by Agreement) and all will be sent in for approval (consideration) in July. If approved, they will get $833 million dollar loan. In some ways it is good since it forces Iraq to do what is in the SBA which I am sure they are reluctant to do. Will be interesting to see just what the conditions are.
[michigander0131] The preparation of a new project for the oil and gas law 08.06.2015 BAGHDAD - scales News It revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Monday, that the government asked Parliament to wait to read the oil and gas law until the preparation of a new draft law in the Council of Ministers. The committee member said Zaher al-Abadi in a statement to / scales News / "The government asked the House of Representatives now wait to read the 2011 version of the oil and gas law until the preparation of a new draft law on the grounds that the law, which arrived in the House of Representatives in which problematic and there are controversial points between the blocks political. and therefore requires him to reconsider by the government "
[michigander0131] the 2011 version of the HCL was dead in the water anyway, no one liked it but the Shia. Iraq still clings to the centralized system of oil management and the provinces are tired of their mismanagement. Hopefully Abadi puts some of the decentralized language from the 2007 HCL into the new amendments and Iraq can put this behind them once and for all.
[michigander0131] will have to see how long it takes them to agree on a new HCL