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 [cigarman]                                                                                            3/20/2015 Economic Analyst: No fear of people monopoly of government bonds and the most important is the extent of the turnout
Fri, March 20 / March 2015 16:37
Emphasized economic analyst absence of fear Menen monopoly persons or banks or certain views of government bonds, which the government intends to launch bridge the fiscal deficit of the state for the current year due to the decline in world oil notice.
The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said Wednesday that Iraq is considering the issuance of international bonds denominated in dollars for five years worth five billion dollars to help it plug in going forward and will soon begin to pay some dues foreign oil companies.    He said economic analyst Raad al-Jubouri told all of Iraq [where] "There is no fear of monopoly businessmen or banks bonds and we pass through the crisis and ask, as they say goods bought by everyone and that the antitrust case or not can not enter in the privacy of this magnitude, but the contrary, we need to buy these bonds by others because he is a sovereign debt substance and there is no problem in buying them by the parties or specific people the price difference in the purchase, sale and will be part of the interest which is like putting money in the bank and take out the benefits."   He added that "the important issue of the bond is to know the extent of the financial and economic feasibility of them if they did not borrow from international banks or international lenders and how much interest and increase compared to the issue of bonds."   He pointed out that al-Jubouri bonds "have been presented up to 5 years to recover and buy them and if they are taken so serious and important decisions that should be taught in all measurements so you can not call us to bond and one without this procedure."   However, an economic analyst said, "but the Iraqi economy is suffering from a crisis and requires him to be looking for many alternatives to enhance Aiardth solve this crisis, and one of these alternatives bond offering and this in place in all the world economies issue a practice tradition when governments usually pass economic heart attacks trying to pass so measures to strengthen the financial their revenues."   READ ENTIRE ARTICLE IN FULL>>>>>>