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well we will be going into february//
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michigander0131] World Bank restructure the Rafidain and Rasheed in order to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar 30/1/2015 BAGHDAD / obelisk: counting and Planning Minister Ali Shukri, Sunday, announced the World Bank to start implementing his plans to restructure the government banks Rafidain and Rasheed “It’s an important step was waiting for Iraq to raise the value of the dinar.” He added that “the Ministry of Finance confirmed that the plans will be the guarantor of restoring Iraqi dinar of his value economic between foreign currencies and this will be part of this plan He pointed out that “the World Bank said the Iraqi side that lifted the value of the Iraqi dinar should be a priority as well as he needs to political stability in the country before everything.” ··· 33/9486-البنك-الدولي-يعيد-هيكلة-مصرفي-الرافدين-والرشيد-من-اجل-رفع-قيمة-الدينار-العراقي.html
[michigander0131] World Bank Questions Iraq Currency Peg 30/1/2015 A report published on Thursday by the World Bank focuses on the implications of low oil prices for eight developing countries — Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Libya — and the economies of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). “Iraq pursues a policy of a de facto peg to the U.S. Dollar, and therefore monetary policy is constrained in tackling the current shock. “In 2014, the nominal exchange rate in the official market remained stable against the U.S. Dollar at 1,166 IQD/1 USD, but the rate in the parallel market increased. “The CBI has recently taken steps to simplify foreign exchange market regulations, but has not eliminated all existing exchange restrictions and the multiple currency practice. but things are moving right along//