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"The Independent": Saudi Arabia revolution
« on: January 25, 2015, 08:24:55 AM »
The newspaper "The Independent": Saudi Arabia revolution will come from within the royal family are not Shiites

As striking and highly questionable, opened the writer and the British famous journalist Robert Fisk's article in the newspaper "The Independent", following the death of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the age beyond 90 years, and swear allegiance to the King Salman, aged 79 years, which is not expected to live more than a decade, according to Fisk, the new Crown Prince Horny he is not too old Spring, where at the age of 69 years.

And wondered Vیsک in an article about the length of time that will keep the rulers West یtmlqon to these dictators, and likened Palmlک Greek affluence کroیsus, adding: they are pathetic, especially in front of the Arabs, who یdrکon state assets Wahhabi extremist against atheism and they in time sample Haکma family for thousands of years and based on hands to make a radical Islamic preacher parish locus of worship Miloک, Mzکra the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

He says Vیsک Mthکma: Obama told us that Almlک Abdullah was frank and brave to talk about his convictions. As Cameron also told us that he was committed to peace and promote understanding between religions. This کlh have been hanged dozens of people each year in the period of wisdom after the trials does not match any standard of justice, having been dragged woman Burmese in the streets of Mecca this month, screaming that she is innocent of the murder of the son of her husband, but they cut off her head at the hands of officials of the body Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Almnکr. Is that a commitment to peace and understanding between religions?!.

But Hnaک another side to Abdullah is no longer in his favor, as it landed image Bashکl automatically after love with «Israel» relationship; it was displays constantly signing of the peace with the entity and the recognition of the Arab full it, in return for a Palestinian state and the withdrawal of the military «Israeli» from both Gaza and the West Bank and the Golan Heights. In short, international compliance with Security Council resolution 242, in addition to Arab Palestine a new and peaceful. In the year 2002, when disclosure Almlک Crown Prince Abdullah Anmaک his plan to President Bill Alomیrکی کlیnton, enthusiastically answered the last "Thus are deals". As the hapless, John کیrی, Barک this transaction, which probably was the kiss of death, but at least concentrations sign of the continuing recognition Balکیan. Even President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a student applying this idea. Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about the possibility of application of the initiative, Madrکa it would not constitute a significant threat to the Palestinian territories, despite his ability to the actual destruction of any Palestinian state will be established in the future through further theft of land in the West Bank Arabs.

He Vیsک Pthکm clear that the best thing he has done, Obama this week was Mumbling for "bold steps" taken by Abdullah, without specifying the "steps" that was talked about in the election «Israeli» and Alomیrکیh elections are closer to talk about by the leader of more countries grandeur and power in the world (in the current time). In recent days, there is a lack physical health of former Mlک clearly for each of the defined, as was Abdullah Oshک dementia, Vastelm successor Salman office within hours of taking office.

These deficits know how you must decide the succession Bashکl secret, and how should incite thousands of princes family Almalکh and bribed, to achieve a balance between wealth oil on the one hand, and the financing of existing Daash on the basis of Wahhabism on the other hand, in addition to the claim that they were investigating justice.

Thus can the presidents of the United States must commend the magnanimity and wisdom of Saudi Arabia, while I listened to the Pentagon, an expert committee of the "Rand" Foundation Alomیrکیh after the events of 9/11, he describes the UK as "the kernel of evil in the Middle East."

In Lebanon, is called Almlک Dead "Knight Arabs", especially when political parties loyal to the Kingdom, and Zlک because they smashed to access to indexes of generosity. Whereas in Daash halls, are welcomed as evidence of his death at the beginning of the decay of the Al Saud. As bin Laden himself was working on the objective of destroying the system Royal after losing his nationality, and may wish Crown Royal for himself.

Vیsک says that "Abdullah was not a narcissist nor evil. Did یکn clown mafia like Gaddafi nor fatal کsaddam. کnh was able to make the transition from political courage in the Arab peace proposal «Israeli», to madness urged his loyalists in the United States to attack Iran.

As the fear of the expansion of Empire Sunni Shia in Saudi Arabia to push back rebels Wahhabis, "adding that" Daash and the Taliban are the result creed Saudi Arabia. " Vیsک He said, "Abdullah offer $ 4 billion dollars to the Lebanese army of military aid to the French, which was hoped to be used to control the Daash and thousands of Hezbollah fighters alike, but the deal has been hampered when intercepted« Israel »to buy equipped with missiles Hlیکopetr aircraft, which claimed «Israel», it is possible to use it against them. "

He Vیsک "was Corps Defenders Abdullah a significant, and was paid a salary elements well in mostly, and we must hear them Many in the coming days. Snsamahm talking about the "newness" and encourage women's education, and reducing Speaking of "fatwas" Religious, and grant freedom to those critical of the Saudis. At the time the sample, these defenders hopes to pull the subject of bloggers skin of trading in the coming period. "

And continued Vیsک "was Abdullah fear of Arab revolutions which in the year 2011, as he sent his forces to crush Shiite opposition in Bahrain while promised to send about 300 billion pounds for education grants, strengthening the new infrastructure, and helping people who suffer from unemployment and rising house prices. "

And seal Vیsک optimistic that "dispels the old Royal regime," adding that the revolution that threatens the regime in Saudi Arabia will not come from Iran, nor from the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia, and the Wahhabi armed groups in the country .. but will come from ownership within the family !.

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Re: "The Independent": Saudi Arabia revolution
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I like your content a lot  I saw the topic, then there must be something good guys.