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documents: Ministers and MPs are spending hundreds of millions on the petty cash desks and household fuel their generators

Denied the Ministry of Finance Minister and flag Besrviac Ntheryatem side and basic to their offices and homes, uncertain prepared a plan to pressure expenses will be applied soon.

This comes at a time of high political sources revealed the existence of expenses do not necessary have to burden the Iraqi budget, and some of them illegal, confirming the absence of parliamentary oversight for these resources, because all the deputies spend similar expenses.

And got "Wi-News" on the documents that confirm the ministers regardless of tens of millions of dinars annually to run the household electricity generators, or the exchange of hundreds of millions on petty offices.

An official source at the Ministry of Finance refused to reveal his identity for "Wi-News" to form an internal committee to study the side disbursements of ministers, MPs and government officials, asserting that "the existence of unnecessary expense, and go into the pockets of corrupt before they reach officials often, in addition to do many ministers commissioned by incompetent staff in their offices to follow up these expenses. "

So one of the former members of the House of Representatives, who declined to be identified for "Wi-News" for the refusal former Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi discuss expenses, saying that "Najafi was afraid to reveal expenditures in the midst of parliamentary debates, or the enactment of the limits of these expenses and pressure detection expenses that is enjoyed by his peers and superiors at the time. "

And got "Wi-News" on the document issued by the former Minister of Culture Saadoun al-Dulaimi's office confirms that the monthly petty cash to his office is 20 million dinars, and the allocation of fuel for generating home six million dinars, over the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The MP said that "what he calls the anonymity that is calculated on the front against the other in the framework of political competition and miscarriage ongoing," explaining that "the Minister of Culture, was paid with incidental to his office at the Pentagon when it was occupied by the agency in the last session."

"The compulsory savings and other decisions were not only consuming media, and we see a real will to pressure the monthly expenses and expenses for offices or officials high salaries or retirement, which overwhelms the budget."