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Michigander0131 Chat 5:19pm EST 11/10/14
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[michigander0131] Abadi calls to speed up the release of the fourth-generation services 11/10/2014 Baghdad-and babysit - called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, to speed up the release of the fourth-generation services, warning of incoming challenges in the issue of opening up to the world of communications. Ebadi said in a speech on the occasion of celebration of the start of the third generation, which was held at the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, "The role of the state is to assign the private sector and not a rival." Abadi called telecom companies to "speed up the release of the fourth-generation services," .ouhdhir Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the "challenges" in the issue of opening up to the world Alatsalat.lavta that "the Iraqi state based on the priority of the interests of citizens," PSC
[michigander0131] Company mobile phone: the beginning of 2015 will see a fast Internet service in mobile phones 11/11/2014 (0:01 pm) BAGHDAD / long-Presse Signed CMC, on Monday, the contract for the launch of the 3G with mobile phone companies working in Iraq service, and as shown that the launch of this generation would stimulate economic and technical movement in the country and reduce the cost of Internet use by phone "We are pleased today our signing a third generation, which will allow subscribers to use Internet networks faster starting, as well as the use of applications globally available and are difficult to use in the second generation, such as banks, applications, and also applications in the areas of education and health. "Radi stressed that" the starting third generation according to the agreement with the CMC will be the beginning of next year "the signing of this contract represents a significant boost to the lifting of the Iraqi economy,"
[michigander0131] They are racing to get everything up and running. 3g first of 2015! That means faster internet, mobile banking, etc.
[michigander0131] The arrival of the draft oil and gas law amended to parliament for approval 10/11/2014 BAGHDAD / JD / .. announced the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, for the arrival of a copy of oil and gas law amended to the House for discussion and vote on them "the committee will discuss the law and be incorporated into the work of the House of Representatives agenda for approval." She added: "The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary strive to end all differences of political blocs on some paragraphs of the oil and gas law to reach a final agreement and vote on it during the next few days
[michigander0131] sure can see the pattern for the first of the year//
[michigander0131] The parliamentary Finance: Iraq will follow the new economic strategy and to take advantage of tax, customs التاریخ: 2014-11-10 The UFDD Vice-President revealed nahida Al-daini, Monday, reported that the Finance Committee in the House of representatives and the Government they will go to to take advantage of the tax system and customs tariff, stating that Iraq will follow the new economic strategy during the next phase. "Iraq is going to put a tax system and the principle of the customs tariff to encourage agricultural, industrial and service sectors, tourism and not rely on oil, because of the financial crisis that we endure are because of dependence on oil and falling prices", asserting that "there will be a new economic strategy for Iraq during the next phase."
[michigander0131] all great stuff showing we are getting close//