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Michiganger0131 afternoon post 11/9/14 3:00 PM EST
« on: November 09, 2014, 03:52:03 PM »
[michigander0131] Citizens of Karbala demanding delete zeros from currency - November 9, 2014 Parliamentary Finance: the goal to improve the economic conditions Citizens of Karbala demanding delete zeros from currency Karbala - Fadel Mohammed Zahir Stressed citizens in the city of Karbala that the deletion of zeros from the currency will provide the benefit of all and therefore Stnsjm with market prices and income citizen who became bear the brunt due to her lack of change that currency. They explained (time) yesterday, that (the deletion of zeros will bring appreciation of the citizens if the central bank initiated to it and remove the burden on the citizen living expenses and life becomes able to buy the holdings of the market were more easily and get rid forever of dengue daily living and breathing a sigh of relief in light of the current circumstances and enjoy the well-being and stability in his public life).

[michigander0131] Great article about the citizens are now voicing there ready for the change too

[michigander0131] 2014/11/09 12: 28 local banks were not affected by the security situation and growing by 10% Baghdad/Obelisk: despite the extraordinary security conditions in the country over the past months, but local banks are continuing activity and an increase in deposits and grow to more than 10% during the third quarter of the current year, according to experts and specialists in financial and banking Affairs, where the private banks have the willingness to finance small and medium-sized enterprises and contribute to the promotion of economic development, demanding the Federal Government to deal with the banks and encourage them to contribute effectively to the financing of investment projects for the country.

[michigander0131] This is also good news that the citizens are actually starting to trust the banking system there and depositing money in their accounts//

[michigander0131] this will only help to do the exchanging of the newer currencies‏