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11/8/2014 5:15pm est Michigander
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11/8/2014 5:15pm est [michigander0131] Chairman of the Securities Commission Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi 08/11/2014 Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: The head of the Securities Commission Abdul cyanosis Saadi, Saturday, that the economic conditions more impact than the security conditions on the citizen, revealed that while a new system to enter the trading process in Iraq Stock Exchange. He said al-Saadi's "Tomorrow's Press," "The security conditions do not greatly affect the Iraqis are more than economic conditions, delayed budget and low oil prices, all of these indicators are worrisome deterioration of the Iraqi economy if it does not find a suitable solutions." "The Securities and Market Iraq Securities Commission seeking dramatically in order to find the best opportunities for investors in the securities market by providing sophisticated and modern atmosphere of the world and keep pace, pointing out that since the beginning of last Sunday began to work effectively in the securities market and the system of electronic talk and sophisticated. " and since Sunday we started working the new electronic trading system, X-stream being more electronic trading systems advanced in the world.......[michigander0131] TClearly there is an urgency to activate the market economy...which would include the banking system.                               

[michigander0131] Shaways: economic and financial decisions to accelerate investment growth November 8, 2014 BAGHDAD / Network News Iraq governmental Economic Commission announced taken several economic and financial decisions to push the wheel of investment the need to develop appropriate plans to address the security and economic challenges for the advancement of the reality service and economic for the Iraqi people. " He added the statement that" the Commission has taken many of the economic and financial decisions that will boost the economy, investment and development forward for the service of the public interest. "                                   

[michigander0131] After being charged with several criminal cases: Maliki rejects request to call the second Karkh court November 8, 2014, 19:07 BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) Refusal of Vice President and former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a request by the second Karkh court to consider the case of attempted murder of Judge Munir Haddad. He added, that this demand the names of the director of the office, and Maj. Gen. Abu Mujahid Jawad al-Maliki as well as the presence of the name of the accused in several criminal cases. The second Karkh Court made the request three days ago. (AA)...........[arizona49] michigander0131 How can he *refuse* to be in court....... I think his trip to Iran is to flee and not return........[michigander0131] arizona49 he may not return //but he has to be able to go / they may not let him..........[arizona49] michigander0131 It seems like M can do just about anything he wants.....flee and not return, tell them to take a flying leap; do whatever he darn well pleases........[michigander0131] arizona49 yes at this point he can it will be interesting to see what happens leading up to him going to Iran next week         

[michigander0131] Legislation parties Gateway Economic Reform Law November 7, 2014 MP Jawad al-Bolani said the legislation would reduce the powers of the parties, the law of parties and determined by the Iraq and transferred to a transition to a free market side trustworthy and reliable in the field of investment. He said al-Bolani said a vote on this law and its entry into force will be virtually an essential input for economic reform, which guaranteed the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi program ............... [michigander0131] here he is talking about the laws that are needed / and saying that they are needed now

[michigander0131] Parliamentary Finance: (5) points to conduct the country's financial and administrative reform 8/11/2014 "the Constitution emphasizes the need for the free economy, the adoption or the market economy and the transition from a socialist system to a capitalist through privatization, investment and activate the private sector, Mbeya that the financial and administrative reform first starts to fight corruption, which threatens the economic and fiscal policy in the country secondly, modernize and prepare the financial budget of the Federal Public modern ways "Third reconsider banking law, because this law represents a fundamental obstacle that stands in the way, without that there will be investment in the country, describing the current banking by the latest system and creaking, which does not suit the stage, noting that the fourth point is to amend the investment law the fifth point that must be followed in the process of financial and administrative reform in the country is the creation of government institutions or national public companies and then either sell them to citizens or privatized so that these same runs itself nor the Ministry of Finance remains pay salaries without working on the ground. " ........ [michigander0131] AWESOME stuff starting to come out// all showing what they are leading up too next year..........[arizona49] michigander0131 Am I missing something, I don't see anything that actually states the year 2015............[michigander0131] all the article that have been coming out and the ones ive been posting on here for the last month have said that..........[Dianna] not for nothing michigander0131 but we have heard that they were ready to revalue their currency in 2011, 2013 what makes 2015 any different?.......[michigander0131] Dianna because malliki isnt in there telling the MP on his side to not vote for the laws
[Dianna] true  [michigander0131] and also he cant just throw out the CBI head for trying to do something with the rate  [michigander0131] like he did with shabibbi and turki  [michigander0131] anyways i do believe this will be our last christmas on here