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Los Vegas November 1, 2014 at 6:41pm

I know we all have a source or two we get information from, I just heard from a source of
mine. He indicates and sum's up a lot of info we have heard last couple days. He KNOWS
of a couple people who have cashed out already. He KNOWS of someone who talked about
their exchange, signed an NDA and their account is frozen now. He was told by his Bank
Manager that things were heating up and to be ready at a moments notice.  I asked him
about Wealth Managers and he confirmed what my Wealth Manager said: Come see me
when you are done getting your money from whatever source you are getting it from. He
would not be calling him or me on currency changes. He did confirm, if you talk about or
post info about your exchange, your chances are pretty good your account will be frozen
until investigated. So keep it off the Internet and Facebook.