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Michigander0131 - 29 Oct 2014 - 5:16 p.m. EDT
« on: October 29, 2014, 06:01:32 PM »
[michigander0131] peeps talking LOP again   
[wushock92] michigander0131 Hey, you started it yesterday.   
[michigander0131] For the first time in Iraq, the use of a smart card to refuel 21:26 28/10/2014 "the company began using the pre-electronic card payment system for refueling in the province," returned to "sing system for vehicle owners to deal with the problems of the employees of government fuel stations." He denominator, that "Maysan first province Iraqi that system applied using a smart card, achieving a quantum leap in this area," noting that "the company will supply the government gas stations all cards pre-payment, which guarantees the right of the citizen vehicle owner and learned the real price of fuel."
[michigander0131] wushock92 hmmm i have always said there is no way they would ever LOP // IMF has also said that its not a choice
[michigander0131] Stock Exchange launches a new electronic system for trading for the first time in the Iraqi stock exchange Author: bian6 date: Monday 27-10-2014 Baghdad/WAP/announced Iraq stock market launch of the new X-stream electronic trading system for the first time in the history of the Iraqi stock exchange. And the market said in a statement faxed to international news agency in Baghdad/WAP/copy, said Monday that "the Iraq market for securities trading Horizon system was used for the first time in the history of Iraq since 2009 and is used and applied by most Arabic and European stock exchanges made by NASDAQ OMX and continued use of 19/4/2009 until 16/10/2014 successfully and without interruption in accordance with the instructions and rules of trading."
[michigander0131] its good to see the new system up and running
[wushock92] I just posted the article from intel and let the volleys begin   
[michigander0131] Central Bank cancels meet fine damaged coins BAGHDAD - Wednesday October 29, 2014 The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, met the abolition of the fine on the money for the purpose of damaged replace them with new ones, pointing out that he seeks to clean the circulation of banknotes damaged. The bank said in a statement received by the "New World," a copy of it, he was "for the purpose of encouraging banks and financial institutions to take over banknotes damaged and damaged and burnt from the public has been decided to cancel the fine imposed on the damaged leaves from the currency
[wushock92] Iraq is so overdue for normalcy. This is a good thing
[michigander0131] A member of the parliamentary Balaguetsadah: the project to delete the zeros is ready and needs to be applied five years Wednesday October 29, 2014 Confirmed member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Wednesday, on the readiness of the project to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency at the central bank, as pointed out that implementation of the project need to five years, given the political and security situation of the country is going through. He said the central bank, earlier, that the project to delete the zeros will be implemented over the next five years.
[michigander0131] "beginning of 2015." In my view this means that they will begin the float then, and move to article 8 of the IMF. I also personally believe that the currency will rise in value much faster than many people assume, including the CBI, which is giving itself a huge "window" of five years. I see the currency rising consistently until it reaches parity, which could well be over $3, within a year or two at most.
[michigander0131] we know the urgency for a market economy in Iraq. So, we can make a reasonable assumption that it will start soon. IMO, the key will be after the CBI feels they have replaced a good number the existing notes with the new "more secure" notes (CBI stated this will be done by end of year). This will give them solid ground to stand on during the transition process (exit Article XIV and move to Article VIII and a new Exchange Regime). And of course parliament must do its part..the laws.
[Dianna] michigander0131 So you think maybe by Christmas?
[Dianna] once again we will have the best Christmas ever   
[Dianna] how many Christmas's have we heard this
[michigander0131] Dianna yes by Christmas for the replacement currency next year for change or float as they want to do
[Dianna] michigander0131 next year could be the end of 2015
[comet] michigander0131 you think the float will start at the 1163 or?
[michigander0131] comet yes that’s what the IMF wants
[michigander0131] comet depends on how much investment comes in
[Dianna]    yes sell the rest of the dinar I have   
Dianna] yeah
[michigander0131] Dianna well they are pushing a massive campaign right now to tell the citizens to be ready for it beginning early next year its been on the news almost every night there
[Dianna] Well maybe I will wait until January
[michigander0131] Dianna well why do you listen to the B.S.
[Dianna] michigander0131 because I think it makes me feel good ....until..... I get disappointed
[michigander0131] Dianna i would give it to January at least // so close now
[michigander0131] Dianna well there ya go falling for their hopium
[michigander0131] well got to go for a bit//   
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