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Michigander0131 10/21/2014
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[michigander0131] Central Bank announces the launch of the two categories of near 25 thousand and five thousand dinars, "the new Bhlthma" Central Bank 21/10/2014 20:59 Awan / Baghdad Central Bank announced on Tuesday, near posed to the categories of the 25 thousand and five thousand dinars, "Bhlthma new," promised new specifications for the two currencies as the "insured that are difficult to counterfeit," and while pointing out that the most significant changes to the currencies add a security to "magnetic ink", he stressed not his intention to withdraw the above categories.
[michigander0131] for 6 months the CBI has told us they are replacing all of the current dinar. And they would do this by end of this year.
 [michigander0131] Economic Parliamentary: Delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency during the next 4 years 21/10/2014 The parliamentary Economic Committee confirmed that there is an intention during the next four years to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency, noting that the central bank is the owner of the decision to implement that process. Committee member Abdul Salam al-Maliki during a statement singled out the "site direction," said the completion of the process needs to be stability in the security situation and the political and economic development of the country and provide substantial financial reserves. Adding that Iraq's money abroad will be reserved in the replay in the coming period, which enhances the reserve that has pushed the central bank to proceed with the process of deletion of zeros. Maliki said that there was no fear of the consequences attached to the process of deletion of zeros. Declaring that the central bank will start printing a new version of a class of 25 000 dinars similar to the category of 10 000 dinars, which is printed with high specifications............[michigander0131] There you have it! There is no overnight RV or LOP (these would be instantaneous)..and only a gradual appreciation of the dinar makes sense just as the IMF states
[michigander0131] A parliamentary committee: Working delete zeros from the Iraqi currency begins next year to reduce inflation BAGHDAD / supporter Terminal / Anatolia: Commission announced the economy and investment in the Iraqi parliament, that the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency will be working by next year, and it will be discussed next period some of the laws the most important banking law, and the law of the Central Bank, and the Money Laundering Act. A member of the committee of economy and investment in the Iraqi parliament, Jawad al-Bolani, said that "the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency will be it next year."...............[michigander0131] so looks like 2015 will be a good year for our investment
[michigander0131] "the coming period will witness the discussion of three laws after it came from the government is the Central Bank Act and the Banking Act and the Money Laundering Act," noting that these laws will support the work of banks. "
[michigander0131] we need these laws
[michigander0131] hogs4life january 1st is CBI fiscal year
[michigander0131] next year CBI will begin the removal and process to start the flote as the IMF has instructed
[Colorado] michigander0131 is "next year" their calendar or our calendar
[michigander0131] Colorado they go by the calendar that we use jan thru dec for all there fiscal and election stuff
[wushock92] So what is the significance of 24 Oct?
[michigander0131] they go by islamic calendar for there holidays and stuff
[Colorado] but doesn’t their new year actually start the end of Oct?
[michigander0131] wushock92 nothing that I know of
[michigander0131] Colorado no not sure where that has come from
 [pmscott55] Oct. 25th is there islamic new year day
[Colorado] pmscott55 ok thanks
[michigander0131] there ya go islamic new year // has nothing to do with there fiscal year
[pmscott55] and the ISX reopens on the 26th with the new trading platform
[michigander0131] pmscott55 ISX has been open been trading all along
[5:25:04 PM] Mike J (hogs4life): [michigander0131] High volume of stock trading in the stock market 10/20/2014 817 bulletins daily conclude a contract with a trading volume exceeded two billion and 400 000 shares slightly higher rate of change in the index 0.88. "Weekly Bulletin issued by the Commission included the shares of companies most profitable and loss and the most active by value traded." He pointed out that "the most profitable companies of the week the past led by the company tourist city of Mosul dam and Hotel Company of Assyria, as well as the company producing ready-made clothes and company Dar Es Salaam Insurance, either companies Losers Vtkdmtha Hotel Company Karbala and company Mansour Bank, as well as the Iraqi company for the production and marketing of dates, Inc. Mosul City Games. "
[michigander0131] pmscott55 well they traded today and also yesterday
[pmscott55] so I see
[michigander0131] they can’t do the x-stream until after the currency change
[5:25:53 PM] Mike J (hogs4life): [michigander0131] He said al-Saadi said that "the most heavily traded companies included its list company Mansour Bank for Investment and Company Bank of Baghdad as well as the company's Baghdad Soft Drinks Company and the North Bank. He stressed that "the foreign trading ratios exceeded one billion shares, noting that this indicator is a sign of the effectiveness of trading within the Iraqi market for securities."
[5:29:54 PM] Mike J (hogs4life): before they reopen the ISX with the new x-stream
[michigander0131] well really doesn’t matter / isx doesn’t have anything to do with the currency reform program so i don’t really pay to much attention to it
[michigander0131] well unfortunately nothing will happen this month
[michigander0131] wish it would tho
[5:48:42 PM] Mike J (hogs4life): [michigander0131] The CBI, revealed in (7 August 2014), that the end of the month of August will see the launch coin ten thousand dinars Bhltha new, and among the old currency from the category of ten thousand will not be withdrawn from Iraqi markets, confirmed that the other categories of currencies Iraq will be put up new forms successively until the end of this year.
[michigander0131] and this is exactly what they have done
[michigander0131] UN calls on Iraq to join the International Criminal Court 20/10/2014 20:04 BAGHDAD / obelisk: called Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic, on Monday, the Iraqi government to join the International Criminal Court to hold accountable the perpetrators of violations of the circle in Iraq. He said in a press statement received "obelisk", a copy of it, that "the terrorist organization Daash committed widespread abuses and the systematic and brutal human rights in Iraq and targeting of minorities may amount to genocide."
[michigander0131] This isn't just some random invitation! Obviously there is a reason for asking the GOI "to join the International Criminal Court to hold accountable the perpetrators of violations ... in Iraq."
[michigander0131] malliki better watch out
[michigander0131] Keywords: the state budget will be sent to the House of Representatives during the next two days to read it and vote 21-10-2014 The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords that the state budget will be sent to the House of Representatives during the next two days to read it and vote on it. Added Keywords for channel Tigris television that the challenges facing Iraq today is bigger than the normal size of the challenges for the central bank discussed with economic commissions ways to support the Iraqi economy and the budget approval in the near future.
[michigander0131] Jubouri: Parliament will be held accountable in charge of negligent 10/20/2014 BAGHDAD - morning - Muhannad Abdul Wahab The Speaker of the House of Representatives that the Council focuses in the coming days to activate its oversight role to hold accountable any official Shortened regardless of affiliation to any bloc or party and away from the political temperaments.
[michigander0131] have to like these new guys in charge/ sure are cracking down oneverything
[michigander0131] The new defense minister takes office and meet with the ministry of Staff to discuss the security file October 20, 2014 According to a statement of the ministry, "the presence of senior officers and commanders and bodies corner set up the Ministry of Defense celebration for the delivery of the portfolio by Saadoun al-Dulaimi and former Secretary of Defense agency to Khalid al-Obeidi, the new minister in a welcoming speech delivered by the former minister wished, during which his successor new Muwafaqiya and success in his mission."
[michigander0131] sure looks as if Abadis new GOI just may get things done a little faster than Mallikis lol
[graciousme] lets hope so
[pmscott55] Mich here is the link for the isx home page they have not traded sence last thursday ··· guage=en
[michigander0131] yes and new CBI head seems to be moving a little faster than the last one
[michigander0131] pmscott55 thank you
[michigander0131] yes and new CBI head seems to be moving a little faster than the last one
[michigander0131] pmscott55 thank you
[michigander0131] it probably does take some time to set up a new system /
[michigander0131] just think how it will take off once they get there currency international
[michigander0131] right now there economy is suffering
[michigander0131] it will be very interesting to see how they move in the next couple months
[michigander0131] to get things done so they can become international
[michigander0131] Abadi is very dedicated to getting their economy going
[michigander0131] their islamic new year starts when the 26th /