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Michigander0131 10/19/2014
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Michigander0131 10/19/2014

 [michigander0131] Mobilize international support Iraq's economy 10/19/2014 0:00 A contingency plan for the provinces facing security problems UNDP UN asked several days ago, the idea of launching a conference to gather international crowd along the lines of the Madrid Conference in 2004 for the purpose of supporting Iraq in the economic side adding that UNDP United Nations has not yet determined a date for the holding of such a conference, expressing hope to be held at the earliest. Hindawi said: that Iraq's access to the credit rating gives a more accurate reports issued by international economic institutions instead of adopting from other sources, pointing to the need for Iraq on the credit rating as soon as possible is what gives an incentive for local banks opening up more to their global counterparts. the importance of UNDP United Nations, who embrace the idea of the call to mobilize international support for Iraq economically the need to expedite the convening of this conference coincided with the economic conditions of the pressure on the Iraqi situation
Oct 19 9:16 PM [michigander0131] This is a great article..the UN appears to be the one who will help launch the market econony in Iraq.
Oct 19 9:17 PM [michigander0131] High volume of stock trading in the stock market 10/20/2014 0:00 BAGHDAD - morning The head of the Securities Commission d. Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi said the disclosure and transparency systems have enabled the local bourse from activating the mechanisms of action and high line graph of daily and weekly activities through local and foreign investment in the stock market, which is the mirror of economic activities. He added in a statement (morning) that the weekly index trading market for securities Iraq for the past week has seen a rise of the number of shares of the companies of the sector mixed unlisted.
Oct 19 9:17 PM [michigander0131] the stock market there is starting to pick up also/
Oct 19 9:20 PM [michigander0131] well at least they are still working towards what we want to see//