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10/13/2014 Michigander
« on: October 13, 2014, 06:35:10 PM »
 [michigander0131] Central tends to activate cooperation with the world 10/12/2014 0:00 BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi Said Director General of Statistics and research at the Central Bank of Iraq that the central made considerable progress in reforming the banking system through the provision of legislative environment suitable for the development of its business and make way for the launch of its services commensurate with the requirements of the market economy and the provision of banking services to investors Iraqis and foreigners, especially that the country is on the verge of activating cooperation banking International service requirements anticipated in the development of the Iraqi economy, which is guaranteed by the new government program. the banking system will see in the coming period developments tangible at the organizational and operational relationships and cooperation of the international banking Central Bank to the determination of the central activating system, the exchange of credit information, similar to neighboring countries, pointing to the formation of a working group for the experience of the Bank of Lebanon and the preparation of the necessary instructions to this effect  [michigander0131] I especially like the term "on the verge" which seems to indicate that they are about to make a move. Add to that mention of a "guarantee by the new government program" and I'm led to believe that this is a subtle way of saying that Al-Abadi is totally behind this move, while we know that Maliki was not. It all sounds good to me! "on the verge" is within 6 months, not days or weeks enormous task ahead for the Abadi GOI passing laws, fight ISIL etc. the significance of an agreement to form a committee to implement the transition to a market economy with the full support of GOI is very important. The next few weeks, months will be very telling.

[michigander0131] The value of the Iraqi dinar! By: Walid Fadel al-Obeidi - 10-10-2014 | (Voice of Iraq) The first: that the country repellent competencies and suffers from crises constantly and the amount of local currency have no value in any international exchange or market currency for the state close, which means impaired and their purchasing power and the presence of a trader Mali artificially and is a real addition to the lack of small denominations of the currency, forcing citizens to trade incumbent the value of the (250 dinars) it means that the central bank in its daily auction sells most of the currency in the form of remittances and external emptied the treasury of their cover in hard currency the Iraqi currency fragile does not possess the power of hard currency hence it is very important that the government is seeking to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies
[michigander0131] The CBI is doing what it is supposed to do..get its house in order and once it has accomplished that it will open the banking system to the world to encourage and support investment. As a result the country will then begin to utilize its resources, improve living conditions, etc which will raise the value of the dinar. Very rarely if ever do countries raise the value of their currency just to raise the value, no matter how fun that sounds.

[michigander0131] Assurances directing the movement of funds for development 10/12/2014 stressed the importance of the advancement of the financial sector at a time of cash reserve upsurge continuously, arguing the importance of the development of the banking business and to enable the joints to be supportive to the stage of economic development sought by the country. the importance of activating the application of Basel Committee (2,3) and follow-up implementation with banks and focus on risk management and the application of what can be applied to the minimum capital requirements and the supervisory review process and market discipline.
Oct 13 4:45 PM [michigander0131] activation of the private banks is directly related to Article VIII. These banks need access to global investment capital to survive and Article VIII is the key. Some law through parliament or some rule like Basel 3 is not going to substantially help them in the process of investment or development. So when they say.."activate the role of the private banking sector" they are talking about going to IMF Article VIII.

[michigander0131] International Monetary Fund: the Iraqi economy is exposed to deflation because of the fighting in the country 10/12/2014 Long-Presse / The International Monetary Fund announced IMF, on Monday, that the Iraqi economy will be subjected to shrink this year because of the battles plaguing the country, changing its previous forecast that the occurrence of a healthy growth in the country. The International Monetary Fund said in its report for the month of October, and seen by the (long-Presse) that "there are expectations of a contraction rate of GDP growth for Iraq for this year by 2.7%, representing a decline from the forecast growth of the Iraqi economy by 5.9% during the month of April." He said the IMF also said that "expectations processing disorder Iraqi oil to world markets due to the escalation of fighting in which it may lead to higher oil prices by up to 20%."      [michigander0131] so we still have some waiting to do// hopefully not to long

[michigander0131] MDC calls Abadi set to accelerate security minister 13/10/2014 Baghdad-and babysit - Change parliamentary bloc called on Monday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to expedite the appointment of security ministers to stop the    of terrorism and improve the security situation in the whole of Iraq, while condemned the terrorist bombings that hit the hand Kara Tepe. Did not resolve until now candidates for the ministries of defense and interior in parliament, which will resume its sessions on Tuesday.

[michigander0131] Minister of planning: priorities for the next phase to activate the private sector and rural development in Iraq March 13, 2014 Independent/Minister of planning Dr. Salman Al-jumaili at that critical juncture in the Iraq requires all synergies and join hands to face the great challenges, especially in the economic aspect.
[michigander0131] Love all the talk about activating the private sector. this is the mechanism that will raise the value of the dinar.

[michigander0131] Maliki refusing to hand over the presidential plane: Iran donated to me and not to the state October 13, 2014, 19:29 BAGHDAD - ((eighth day)) Refusal of Vice President Nouri al-Maliki delivered the presidential plane for the Prime Minister to Mattabrha Haider al-Abadi, a gift to him by Iran and not the state. Sources in the prime minister Monday that al-Maliki refused to hand over private plane trips Prime Minister of the outside to the custody of the new government being, according to his special gift to him, pointing out that the presidential plane of the type Airbus and was donated to him as the President of the Government of Iraq, not as a person by Iran, to facilitate his movements in a time when Iraq did not have aircraft travel where he used in his travels abroad.