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10/2/2014 [michigander0131]
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10/2/2014 [michigander0131] Government program enters the «force» 2/10/2014 Yasser incumbent In the first indication of the start of economic reforms, the task in the government program and entry "into effect" through the decision of the Council of Ministers to form committees to study the possibility of transforming the public sector companies to the private sector (privatization), and this step requires us to show the challenges facing the proper procedure. the shift towards a market economy and that of the causes of success is privatization, a project delayed it's time to launch, as it seems, so he took this space of interest in the program and then the beginnings of rapid implementation of its contents. We have great hopes the success of this first step on the road to entry into the program Government towards the beginnings correct in the desired reform.
 [michigander0131] Very compelling article as to the changing way of progressive thinking within the GOI. In Maliki's reign you would have been arrested the next day promoting this type of thinking. We are seeing more and more articles on economic reform and the need to pass such laws...without this our wait as investors will remain idle.
[michigander0131] Jaafari and American ambassador discuss activating the strategic framework agreement between the two countries 02/10/2014 The statement added that "During the meeting, they discussed bilateral relations, file, and find ways of mutual cooperation and activating the strategic framework agreement between the two countries, and the issue of relations between Iraq and neighboring countries and the region in the next stage, and the adoption of the policy of international openness."
[michigander0131] The rule of law. Abbadi. stepped down. And choose Security Ministers! Thursday, 02-10-2014 11: 05 am Political analysts said the close contacts common political negotiations to choose candidates for security bags still Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, new attempts to step step on steps taken by his predecessor, Nouri al-Maliki to form a Government, the former leader who belongs to "Dawa", did not work on the installation of the two Ministers of defence and Interior, and monopolized their proxy for valid, and the Government of Al-Maliki, at the second session of his reign, no security Ministers, as well as the Government-even now, because of political differences. "   [michigander0131] Maliki has not given up the palace to Abadi yet he is not done trying to find away back to Prime minister seat yet. the trial of Maliki taking 2 months may not be fas enough to put Maliki in jail or having him hung to remove that threat of Maliki taking back over.
[michigander0131] malliki will fight till the end // all true dictators do//
[michigander0131] Member of the parliamentary economics: Read the financial budget after the holiday Eid al-Adha Thursday, 02 October 2014 10:58 [Baghdad-where] Said a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, said the budget for fiscal 2014 will be read in parliament after Eid al-Adha holiday. The decision of the House of Representatives Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu said last Tuesday that "the Parliamentary Finance Committee ended last Sunday of drafting final conclusion of the report of the general budget of 2014 and sent to the Cabinet for information and discussion at the meeting scheduled for Tuesday's session of the Eid al-Adha as a prelude to bring it back to Parliament."
 [michigander0131] October 2, 2014 9:52 Announced that the United Nations Mission in Iraq killed at least 1119 people in the violence broke out during the month of September And a clearer report of the UN mission - carried by the network, "ABC," America on Wednesday - that last month saw the death of 854 civilians and 265 members of the Iraqi security forces and injuring 1946 people, while Baghdad was the hardest hit, where 352 people witnessed the fall. And suggested the UN mission to be the truth toll of dead is much higher due to the aforementioned numbers do not include those killed in the areas controlled by the organization "Daash" terrorist. It is noteworthy that the death toll during the last August had reached 1420 people, while in the month of July amounted to 2,400 people.
[10/2/2014 4:17:53 PM] Pam (arizona49): [michigander0131] Pending / writings / .. Maliki seizes on state property and recorded in his name 02-10-2014 08:50 PM Writings / in the biggest violation of the law has been scandalous seized Nouri al-Maliki former Prime Minister on Land belonging to the municipality of the Indian 'Touirij' an area of ​​220 square meters on the grounds that it 'leftovers' and recorded in his name, although the law does not apply to them favorites. But Maliki has exceeded the powers and instructions issued orders to punish and transfer of engineers who refused to join this piece to his house and make it part of his garden without meeting the official wages. He stressed that this legal violation is from the viewpoint of a major violation of the law because the prime minister used his influence for the acquisition of property belonging to the municipality under threat, extortion, and it was believed he would last in office but not taken to open such files again.
[10/2/2014 4:25:20 PM] Pam (arizona49): [michigander0131] British report: Abadi acknowledged the collapse of the National Guard and a parallel branch of the Revolutionary Guard is an option Thursday, 02 October 2014 7: 00 J p Twilight news, the British Financial Times newspaper reported that Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Abbadi headquarters with the collapse of the country's armed forces after organizing daash in large areas of the country, citing the fall of saqlawiyah in camp by the Organization last month. altThe newspaper said in an analysis published and seen by "twilight news disaster saqlawiyah shook the Iraqi politicians and security officials and us and showed their inability to formulate an effective strategy to counter terrorists daash in control of large areas of Northwest Iraq last June. The financial times says Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi conceded total collapse suffered by the armed forces and the need to rebuild the security institutions.
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