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10/1/2014 [michigander0131]
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10/1/2014 [michigander0131] Strategic financial management system reform in Parliament 9/30/2014 Member of Parliament for the Liberal block: that the reform of the financial management system in the coming period will be a priority of the work of the Parliamentary Finance Committee because of their genuine desire in this matter. He said in his speech for the "morning" that the committee saw in their first meeting that there is a desire among its members to work professionally in this matter and leave the issue of the politicization of the state budget, as happened during the last term and work professionally to repair and clear of the financial management of the country He added in his "morning", that this plan could rise by financial management in the country and make it to the refineries, the neighboring countries and the world.                                                  [michigander0131] It sounds like they are all starting to "get it" and are taking steps to get the train moving. we shall see what all gets done this month// nothing till after the holiday tho//
 [michigander0131] Jubouri of Arbil: Parliament will form a special committee for the application of Article 140 10/01/2014 Erbil / obelisk: The head of the Council of seizures Saleem al-Jubouri, said on Wednesday that Parliament will form a special committee for the application of Article 140, as he emphasized the President of the Parliament of Kurdistan Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq said the continued problems between Erbil and Baghdad that would lead to the problems of nationalism in Iraq.
[michigander0131] this is good news get that article 140 done//
[michigander0131] 150 terrorists surrender to security forces after the liberation of 10 villages in the Tuz 10/01/2014 19:53 BAGHDAD / obelisk: security source said, on Wednesday, for the delivery of 150 terrorist himself to Alkiedalt security, which holds the cleansing process 10 surrounding villages to spend Tozachormatoshrgi Salahuddin. The source said the "obelisk", "The security forces and the crowd the popular support of warplanes, was able to cleanse the villages 10 surrounding spend Tuz's Salahaddin, starting from the River Great down to Daquq in Kirkuk province, were killed and escape gangs Daash of those areas"
 [michigander0131] Official: al-Maliki during the next two months will be tried as a war criminal October 1, 2014 Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed an official source in the Iraqi government, headed by Haidar al-Abbadi details are being studied by a secret committee of competent expensive Abadi, on the trial of former Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki and his aides with the most prominent during the next two months in a court source, who Khash. oukal requested anonymity, because within the Committee that "the most prominent candidates for the presidency of the Special Tribunal Judge Munir Haddad, a former deputy head of the Supreme Criminal Court as well as the judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin, and Judge Arif Shaheen and there will be an investigative body composed of 25 investigative judge and the prosecution is composed of a number of judges who have been trained, some in Geneva and Amsterdam, "
[michigander0131] Tuesday, 30 September / September 2014 08:32 [Baghdad-where] Deployment of Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq, the UN [OCHA] document entitled Overview of the humanitarian needs in Iraq [HNO] This document highlights that although access to 1.6 million people by humanitarian actors, but the total population who are in desperate need of help up to 5.2 million. According to the document seen by the agency all of Iraq [where] "hosts the Kurdistan region of Iraq, 850 thousand out of 1.8 million people who were displaced from their home areas in Iraq since January 2014, according to the document, the Anbar province, home to the second numerical Okbertjma of the needy.
 [michigander0131] Restructuring of banks supporting investment 2/10/2014 An invitation to form joint committees to monitor the performance BAGHDAD Farah pumice In order to establish a sound banking system contributes to the process of construction and investment, has become an urgent need to take restructuring the banking reality and controls him, especially the private sector. Economic expert on behalf of Jamil stressed in this aspect to reduce the process of slaughter banks after the fact of mistakes, leading to a negative impact on investment and foreign investor, calling on the central bank to take into consideration what Tdmh these banks from shareholders and depositors, along with members of the Board of Directors or Shareholders biggest share.
 [michigander0131] Government program enters the «force» 2/10/2014 Yasser incumbent In the first indication of the start of economic reforms, the task in the government program and entry "into effect" through the decision of the Council of Ministers to form committees to study the possibility of transforming the public sector companies to the private sector (privatization), and this step requires us to show the challenges facing the proper procedure. the shift towards a market economy and that of the causes of success is privatization, a project delayed it's time to launch, as it seems, so he took this space of interest in the program and then the beginnings of rapid implementation of its contents. We have great hopes the success of this first step on the road to entry into the program Government towards the beginnings correct in the desired reform.
[michigander0131] this article here shows that they are inded in favor of the currency reform project//and that they want it as soon as possible// show Im thinking that we will start to see more ergency to get the laws passed and to get IMF article 8 compliant//
 [michigander0131] ok well got to run    // stay grounded try not to get caught up in all the hype// its done or its happening today or tomorrow//    we will know when the things needed get done ahead of time// and will have a pretty clear idea when something may change//
[michigander0131] they will NOT spring this on the citizens with out educating them first
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