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9/30/2014 [michigander0131]
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9/30/2014  [michigander0131] Parliamentary Finance: We will host the central bank governor after the feast Published on 30 September / September 2014 BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - said a member of the parliamentary finance committee Magda al-Tamimi, the Committee will host the Governor of the Central Bank of the relationship after the holiday of Eid al-Adha, to inquire about the aim of changing the edition coin category ten thousand dinars without moving the project to delete the zeros.......[michigander0131] this is good news hopefully they can push him to go a little faster
[9/30/2014 2:39:59 PM] Pam (arizona49): (*) [michigander0131] Cabinet is considering a proposal to grant "bonuses" to the people 30/09/2014 02:39 Brother - Baghdad Said Minister of Science and Altklnoggio Knight Jeju "We suggested to the Council of Ministers in its meeting on Tuesday, the allocation of money distributed to the Iraqi people on the occasion of Eid al-Adha." Jeju added in a press statement, seen by the Agency for News News (et) that "the proposed contribution comes us to alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi people, which passes through difficult circumstances under Athdiat faced by the country." He noted that "the Council will consider the proposal in the presence of the Minister of Finance Agency Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese."
[michigander0131] The Minister of finance approves the disbursement of salaries of staff in the Kurdistan region 30 September 2014 Baghdad-(music) Member of the Finance Committee in the House of Massoud Haider, on the approval of the Minister of finance to pay Agency employees in the Kurdistan region for the months of August and September. Haider said "it was with Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani said the issue of salaries of Kurdistan, stressing consent access to approve disbursement of salaries in the region for the months of August and September." The "Cabinet session will be held on Tuesday, the Council would decide the territory's staff salaries,"  ......
[michigander0131] I like the new finance minister he gets things done//
[michigander0131] This is great news! Of course the Kurds wanted to be paid when Maliki was in office. But ever since Abadi became PM they've been saying, 'Show us the money!' If I remember correctly on September 8, 2014 the Kurds told Abadi they would give him 3 months to pay them their back wages, fulfill his promises of an inclusive GOI, implement HCL, etc. If Abadi kept his promises,they would participate in the Iraqi government, but if he did not do what he said then the Kurds would say good bye to Iraq and form their own government.
 [michigander0131] 30-09-2014 12:28 PM The Chairman of the Committee Magda Tamimi The bill the federal budget for the current year 2014 will be presented to the cabinet table at today's meeting, noting that the meeting will vote on the budget or not, adding that the Finance Committee awaiting Cabinet for approving the budget and sent to the House of Representatives before the Eid al-Adha to read it in the first session of the council after the holiday. ....... [michigander0131] so they will try and finalize the budget right after holiday// i really think they will do it this time.......[michigander0131] well we will all have to wait till after their holiday mid october to see what they can get done// hope all the back door meetings in that time bring some good results
[Tman33] michigander0131 think if they wait till mid october to do this iraq will have a riot on their hands.
[michigander0131] Tman33 no not at all
[michigander0131] Tman33 the people all know what needs to happen first they have been being told for 2 years now
[michigander0131] they are hoping this new GOI gets it done// they will wait and see how Abadi gets things done
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