Author Topic: The New York Times: Daash uses ammunition coming from the United States  (Read 246 times)

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The New York Times: Daash uses ammunition coming from the United States

A study of the Research Center of armed conflicts, that the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, known as the "Daash", uses ammunition from the United States, and other countries that were supporting the regional security forces, which are fighting organization.
The data published by the New York Times, on Monday, issued by the organization designated to collect and analyze data Aloshh used in conflicts, part of a large sample of arms and ammunition, which fell into the hands of armed groups in Syria and Iraq. These data and carry an implicit warning to policy-makers and advocates of intervention in Syria, according to the newspaper.
Recalling that the ammunition which have been transported to Syria and Iraq to help stabilize governments, passed instead to the jihadi groups, which helped to feed the rise of the Islamic state and the ongoing fighting force.
Said James Bevan, director of the center, said that the lesson here is that the security and defense forces, which got the ammunition from foreign countries do not have the ability to maintain custody. He warned that the extension agents regional arms constitute an enormous risk is heightened in light of poor motives of the security forces, which is facing major challenges.