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Airlines announce the imminent arrival of an aircraft "Boeing" a new beginning of next month

Tomorrow's Press / Baghdad announced Iraqi Airways, on Friday, that the type of aircraft, "Boeing" will arrive in Iraq and will join the company's fleet early next month in November, while capable confirmed plans to promote its services to its customers.
The general director of the company, Saad Mahdi al-Khafaji's "Tomorrow's Press," "The Ministry of Transport, represented by the company's general Iraqi Airways has signed about two years ago with The Boeing Company American contract includes processed in 45 advanced aircraft and high qualities of specialized international," pointing out that "the contract is hoped that ends with the beginning of 2016. "
Khafaji added that "the company has received so far four planes of the same type," adding that "with the arrival of these aircraft will be Iraq from countries that have an air fleet comparable major international companies, especially after the recent amendments and additions to the company's services."
The general manager of airlines that "the Department of Transportation is interested in much of the need to recover the fleet of Iraq's airspace, which aspire to the company through its contracts continued on all that is new and evolving," explaining that "the company began to reduce its tickets to various countries around the world which will help increase our customers' and travel with us. "

The first aircraft arrived at Boeing (800-737) to the Baghdad International Airport on August 14, 2013, which is out of the 45 aircraft contracted by the Iraqi government with the American company Boeing.