Author Topic: Abadi order to freeze the son of al-Maliki and cutting its network tentacles  (Read 242 times)

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Abadi order to freeze the son of al-Maliki and cutting its network tentacles that give commercial contracts corrupt

Falah al-Quraishi Monday, 22 September 0.2014
Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi freeze the activities of Ahmed Nuri al-Maliki and prevent entry into the Council of Ministers, and chopping network tentacles associated with it, which dominates the distribution of major commercial contracts of the Iraqi state and the prosecution of members of the network who stole billions of dollars of public money.

Among the most prominent methods of theft of public money, which was discovered by Abadi, this network of corrupt, comes through Overture Chinese companies and Korean and others to carry out a specific project and after that that the company's offer amount, for example, "100 million dollars" for the implementation of this project, the network is corrupt and under the guidance of Ahmed al-Maliki award the contract to a fictitious company linked to it registered in the name of a person of "Touirij" Most likely, the amount of "400 million dollars" Since this company phantom exist only on paper and has no presence, you sell the contract for "subcontractor" Chinese companies or Korean, which has talk to her Since the beginning of the same amount requested by the company, "100 million dollars" and here are useful Ahmad al-Maliki and his network "300 million dollars" without bothering to hold one, wondered Abadi km held in the week to grant such a network of corrupt and how much per month and where those huge amounts of money they had stolen from public money.

Having discovered Abadi said Musab Abdul Falah al-Sudani, son of former Secretary of Commerce who escape Maliki from jail Court sham took place in his office, to now required for the Iraqi people in nine decades of the ration card items that had received money from "the Contracts Committee Maliki's office," which is overseen by Ahmed Maliki, did not deliver for the people of Iraq, and the Ministry of Commerce says agents ration card "asking shipment at sea have not yet reached" and did not reach those shipments alleged so far, even activity anger Abadi said "Saddam Ashraf you Iavsdh was giving people 20 articles per month and you you give three materials and Tsrkon 17 article