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The GET Team michigander0131 9/19/2014
« on: September 19, 2014, 10:08:18 PM »
[michigander0131] Subtract category 10 thousand new security precaution and to re-structure the expectations of the Iraqi currency The new currency and old 18/09/2014 08:58 Tomorrow's Press / Baghdad: expert considered the financial Abdul Majeed pink, on Thursday, asked the CBI class 10 thousand new edition is a security precaution fast, there is expected to be re-structure of the Iraqi currency. "central bank's move ambitious in order to keep the money supply and the lack of complexity and maintaining the position of the Iraqi dinar from any process you want to harm it," noting that "the former currency of class 10 thousand will be gradually withdrawn from the market through Iraqi banks and banking companies and citizens where when you bid farewell to any amount of class 10 will be damaged thousands of ancient and non-trading replay again and replaced by the new. "
[michigander0131] This article is just part of the general information campaign informing the public on the replacement of the existing denominations. It is no different than here in the US when old notes are removed and new improved notes are introduced. We all have seen this with $20 and most recent $100 bill.
[michigander0131] CBI has stated the replacement process will continue through the end of this year. CBI is trying to strengthen the monetary policy (get citizens to use dinar, conform to IMF guidelines, build the banking system, reduce corruption, etc.) and then, once the GOI is formed, laws are passed and security is somewhat stable the CBI will transition to Article VIII and a new Exchange Regime which will begin to raise the value and solve the banking and monetary problems that exist replacement of the 10k is critical since it was the most counterfeited note in the series. In this replacement, they strengthen the banking system, the currency in use and prevent additional fraud. This is necessary before they open the banking system to the world and enter Article VIII
[michigander0131] The Coalition is expected to resolve the naming of Ministers of security in the next 10 days 19 September 2014 Baghdad-((8)) saying the State of law Coalition MP Faisal fayyaz resolve naming filters security ministries during the next 10 days. Fayad said that "conditions in which the country cannot afford to delay the matter and must be resolved within a period not exceeding 10 days or next week." The House failed to vote on candidates for the ministries of Interior and defense of weird al Jabir al-Jabiri in the hearing Tuesday chaired by Salim Al-jubouri, head of the Council and Prime Minister Haider Abadi.
[michigander0131] Abbadi to Sulaymaniyah and meet with Talabani Friday, 19 September 2014 Twilight news, official sources said Friday that Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on to Sulaymaniyah governorate. The source, said in an interview for "twilight news," the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on to Sulaymaniyah province and meet with former President Jalal Talabani ". The source added that "a second meeting to be convened following that with Al-Abbadi of the political Bureau of the PUK."
[michigander0131] very good info from freeway bill//
[hopeful2&2] michigander0131   
[michigander0131] hopeful2&2    hello
[nano36] yes, it is. Hard for me to believe that people would hand over their Dinar to anyone
[michigander0131] yes or even fall for the better rate thingy   
[michigander0131] "The new banknotes that the CBI is printing will contain several security features that will make it almost impossible to duplicate a central bank spokesman said; a prominent Iraqi monetary expert that declined to be mentioned by name in an interview with Iraqi Media Network said that the printing of the new currency is purely a step to "silence" critiques about the quality of the current banknotes; he also said that this has nothing to do with future plans to revaluate the dinar or the deletion of zeros project."
[michigander0131] this was from turki head of CBI at the time//
[michigander0131] hopefully they can get the GOI complete very soon//
[nano36] that would be nice
[michigander0131] nano36 yes it would i hope this month
[michigander0131] nano36 sooner they get the GOI done the sooner they can pass those laws that are needed for this to happen
[nano36] hope they can come to an agreement on security and interior ministers=
[michigander0131] nano36 they will eventually
[michigander0131] Im just hoping in october we see parliament get down to buisiness of doing what is needed for this to move forward
[hopeful2&2] thats what i am thing to mich
[michigander0131] hopeful2&2 we just have to wait it out
[hopeful2&2] yes, i am waiting upon the Lord, He has a lot more he is doing through this time than just the iraq dinar revalue
[michigander0131] hopeful2&2 AMEN
[nano36]    been doing that
[nano36] hopeful2&2 you are so right
[hopeful2&2] nano36 hi , how are you tonight
[nano36] hopeful2&2 doing OK, tired, went grocery shopping today, I hate that anymore   
[hopeful2&2] nano36 as high as groceries are getting, i try not to shop to long   
[nano36] hopeful2&2 that is the part I hate the most   
[michigander0131] well just wanted to give a short update// have a great night all//   
[hopeful2&2] michigander0131 thanks