Author Topic: National Coalition: Allawi is moving to take over the national reconciliation fi  (Read 238 times)

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National Coalition: Allawi is moving to take over the national reconciliation file

BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude -

Said a spokeswoman for the National Coalition victory Allawi, said Vice President Iyad Allawi is moving to take over file management of national reconciliation, on the basis of its location in the presidency, because it is the closest of all the political blocs.

Allawi and explained in a press statement, that "when a coalition of national roadmap presented to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and agreed to 80% of that map, which belong to the prime minister, and referred 20% of the map to the House of Representatives and the judiciary." Pointing out that "Vice President Iyad Allawi, after the approval of Abadi on the vocabulary of The National Map, which included many of the clauses in the policy document of the Government of al-Abadi, said the devotional, I am with you as long as there is a government of national partnership based on genuine national reconciliation involving all spectrums of people without exception, except for the terrorists. "

She said "signs of change has loomed on the horizon, and the hope of everyone to stand with Iraq and rescued from the crises that surround it, and stand against gangs Daash terrorist."

The document stipulates the political agreement between the blocs participating government to abide by the government and the political blocs have a problem and within the ceilings set out to consolidate the foundations of national unity, civil peace and transmit the spirit of moving forward the project of national reconciliation, and completing the requirements to issue a general amnesty law. Finished 7