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Kurdistan Alliance: the coming hours we will decide to participate in the government or not

Tomorrow's Press / Baghdad: MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Mohsen al-Sadoun, Monday, Kurdi said the team will decide in the coming hours Almcharkth in the government or not.
Sadoun said for "tomorrow's Press," "The negotiating committees Kurdish spent a long time in their discussions about the chosen government and most of those meetings was graduated fruits positive about the agreement about the outline of the files, the relationship between the center and the region, and some of the other deported until after the composition of the government while still other Kurdish leaders discussed ".
Sadoun added that "the Kurdish team meets to discuss now determine the last position of the composition of the government and the participation of the Kurdistan Alliance in the government or not," adding that "during the meeting of the Council of Representatives will be meetings with different blocs to resolve the situation."
It is noteworthy that the political blocs to conduct intensive talks in order to expedite the resolution of the new ministerial cab which will be headed by the National Alliance candidate Haidar al-Abbadi, after being asked to form a new government amid claims Petrhik ministries and the selection and incompetent ministers and honest to achieve the requirements of the Iraqi people.
He was President Fuad Masum had commissioned, in the 11th of August now, the National Alliance candidate for prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi form the next government, and it is imperative announcement formed no later than the 11th of September next. They had been assigned Abadi welcomed locally and internationally while counting President Barack Obama promising step and pledged to support the new Iraqi government, meanwhile, announced a representative leader Ali Shamkhani, said his country supports the legal path of ongoing regarding the election of the new Iraqi prime minister also welcomed Saudi Arabia and several other countries in this commissioning .